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6 strategies for hiring seasonal security officers

6 strategies for hiring seasonal security officers


Seasons change, and so do workforce needs. 🔄 Whether it’s the bustling holiday season, a high-profile event, or the summer peak, your security team must adapt.

As a security employer, you often face the challenge of hiring seasonal security officers. These professionals are crucial when security demands soar. But successfully recruiting them? That’s an art in itself.

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1. Hiring needs assessment

Start your security hiring process by accurately identifying your seasonal needs. Missteps in hiring too many or too few can lead to operational hiccups and unnecessary expenses.

Use past data as your blueprint if you’re an established player. For those newer to the industry, a bit of experimentation might be key. The goal is to marry your budget constraints with the real demands of the season, achieving an optimal balance that works for your organisation.

Early hiring

Delaying the process until the eleventh hour can potentially mean missing out on the top security talent. Industry heavyweights planned their Christmas hires months in advance. By starting early, not only do they secure the top-tier talent that’s in high demand during the holiday season, also they get much time for thorough training. It’s about ensuring that those security officers are well-prepared and seamlessly integrated into the team, guaranteeing a smooth operational flow during the busiest times of the year.

So, the lesson here is crystal clear: Early bird hiring not only catches the best worms but also ensures they’re well-fed with the knowledge and skills needed for success.

Job ad optimisation 

Your job ads are the first impression you make on potential candidates. Your job ads are the initial step in building a successful seasonal team, so make them appealing and comprehensible. To attract the Top security talent who fit the bill, here are some key pointers for tailoring job descriptions aimed at seasonal hires:

  • Make it clear what the role entails.
  • Use relevant keywords, highlighting words like ‘seasonal’ and ‘temporary’.
  • Detail the exact job title and clearly outline the responsibilities and previous experience requirements.
  • Highlight the benefits, such as loyalty bonuses or rewards. These can not only attract applications but also encourage workers to return the following year.

Leverage your network 

Don’t underestimate the power of your existing network. Current employees may know individuals seeking seasonal work and can recommend them. 

Moreover, don’t forget about your former employees; some might be more than willing to return for a temporary gig. They already know the ropes, which can significantly reduce training time.

If you’ve previously hired seasonal workers, consider reaching out to them. Many might be open to returning, especially if they had a positive experience with your company.

Social media platforms can be your best friend in spreading the word about seasonal job openings. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are frequently used by job seekers hunting for short-term opportunities. A simple post or share can go a long way in reaching potential candidates.

Use a security jobs board like GuardPass. With our talent pool of over 140,000 security jobseekers your security needs could be fulfilled in days. We guarantee 10 applicants per job within 5 days of posting, or a free boost.

Streamlined hiring 

Efficiency is the name and hiring seasonal security officers is the game. Streamline your interview process by asking concise questions. Focus on their past experience handling seasonal rushes, their flexibility in scheduling, and why they are interested in temporary work. This approach not only saves time but also helps you identify the right candidates who can seamlessly adapt to the demands of seasonal security roles.

GuardPass can streamline your security hiring process. Post your job or search our SIA licence-checked, pre-screened database using our job board – we average more than 60 applicants per job. Assess job-seekers better by viewing their video intros, then instantly message them to their app making it smoother for both recruiters and candidates.
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Efficient onboarding

Once you’ve streamlined your hiring, effective onboarding is the next step. Unlike full-time hires, seasonal workers need to hit the ground running quickly. Ensure all necessary paperwork is swiftly completed. Implement a quick and efficient training scheme, clarify tasks and responsibilities, and provide space for questions. Assign mentors or managers to help them navigate their new roles, ensuring a smoother transition. Regular evaluations should be conducted to identify any knowledge gaps and address them promptly, so your seasonal team is well-prepared to contribute effectively from day one.


In summary, hiring seasonal security officers doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right strategies in place, you can meet the demands of peak seasons efficiently. Determine your staffing requirements, start early, craft clear job descriptions, advertise effectively, leverage your network, streamline the hiring process, and ensure efficient onboarding, and build a reliable workforce. 

GuardPass simplifies many aspects of this process. Hire pre-vetted workers on demand for reliable shift coverage with dedicated support. Count on our vetted and flexible workforce to seamlessly fill ad-hoc shifts, delivering reliable coverage every time. We have Over 6,000 new job-seekers joining monthly, 60% trained by us, refreshing and building our licensed & quality candidate pool making it easier than ever to find and hire qualified seasonal security officers. 


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