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Benefits of using GuardPass for hiring security professionals.   

Benefits of using GuardPass for hiring security professionals.   


GuardPass has taken the industry by storm. With over 150,000 downloads already, engaged security professionals are flocking to benefit from the huge range of features, knowledge, and opportunities that this FREE security industry app provides.

Developed by the massively well-respected team at Get Licensed, the UK’s biggest security industry training network, the GuardPass app has been designed to be a “must have” for front line security professionals. Not only providing access to Get Licensed approved, high quality, SIA training courses, taking place at 85 locations across the UK, and a library of useful, relevant, and expertly produced, e-learning packages, it is constantly evolving and expanding to include a wealth of FREE features such as:

  • Security industry news and views.
  • Expert career advice.
  • Video tutorials.
  • Mock SIA exams.
  • Professional blogs containing guidance and help on a range of subjects.
  • Video interviews and comment from real front line security officers.
  • Regular competitions with useful prizes.
  • An industry leading jobs board!

A rich and ever growing source of CPD and reference material.

It also has a new online one-stop shop, selling all the usual security officer’s essential kit. All high quality, and at great prices.

Lots of excellent reasons that explain over half a million downloads. And why that number is growing so rapidly.

GuardPass is a security industry-based app that doesn’t just sit unloved on your phone. It gets used. A lot.

One of the main reasons for the massive popularity of the GuardPass app, is the jobs board. Designed by security industry professionals to fulfil the genuine needs of job seeking, front line security operatives, it features all the important information that a candidate needs to know, clearly and prominently. It uses the language of our industry and is not packed with pages and pages of generic waffle, as found on all of the old school recruitment websites. A dedicated security industry website has been long overdue, but has finally arrived, to universal acclaim.

Why should your company advertise with GuardPass?

For employers, the GuardPass portal is the most powerful recruitment tool available for the security sector. https://www.guardpass.com/employers

The vast majority of the UK’s top contract security industry companies are already posting their jobs on GuardPass. Compass Group, Professional Security UK, Metroguard Oxford Limited, Cis Security Ltd, Truesec Security Limited, DIMA Group Services Ltd, Secure Alliance Ltd, 1st Class Protection, Double Check Security Group, Active Security Solutions, and Phoenix Security (Essex) Limited, to name bit a few.

Every security industry worker, or potential new entrant to the sector, that has downloaded the GuardPass app, has in doing so, immediately marked themselves out as engaged and enthusiastic. So, you already know that those looking for work via GuardPass are far more than ‘shirt fillers’ or ‘box tickers’.

Most security officers that download GuardPass would have also done their training via approved Get Licensed training providers who are vetted, trained, and performance monitored, to ensure that the highest standards are consistently maintained. With SIA mandatory training quality being so hit and miss across the industry, knowing that a recruit has been trained via a Get Licensed approved provider, is highly reassuring.

Traditional online job boards like Indeed and Total, provide an awkward to navigate, overly generic, and indeed somewhat misleading experience for jobseekers. Countless times will a security professional find a perfect sounding job title, at a fantastic pay rate, only to find out after 5 minutes reading the small print of the ad, that it is for a cyber security role!

With the GuardPass jobs board, potential candidates are provided with the information that is most important to them, clearly and concisely, front and centre, on every ad. No trying to play around with complicated filters to weed out the inappropriate rolls. A small number of clear and useful options are available to help jobseekers identify the role most suitable for them. A fast, painless, and appealing way to find the jobs a potential recruit wants to know more about. Another reason for the rapid growth in the success of GuardPass.

The best part of using GuardHire!

We know that GuardPass is growing rapidly and attracting more security officers to download it every day. It speaks the right language, and is fast and easy to use. That’s all good, but not the quantum leap in online recruitment I hoped to see.

Well maybe this is….. My HR team loves it most for the 20 second video introductions that every candidate can upload, completely free, and attach to their jobseeker profile. HR can look at these job applicant’s videos and gain enough information to immediately filter out unsuitable candidates, leaving so much more time for face-to-face interviews with the best candidates, and reducing admin time astronomically. In 20 seconds, you will know if a candidate’s communication skills are acceptable for the role. You will be able to assess their standard of presentation and will get a feel for the way they would be received by the public or your client. Big and important parts of the selection process covered in 20 seconds. Outstanding.

If you are still unconvinced at the weight of evidence to support GuardPass as the new security industry, de facto recruitment system, then may I add the experience of my HR department to finally tip the scales.

Using Indeed, most of the adverts that my employer placed, took between 1 and 3 days to receive any response. Many of these responses were from unsuitable, and unqualified candidates, and of no use whatsoever.

Using their GuardHire portal to post on GuardPass, my HR manager walked into my office 3 hours after placing our first ad and excitedly informed me that they have already had 6 job applicants, the first one arriving within 6 minutes of the ad going live! And it is cheaper to use than Indeed…..

For employers, GuardPass also has advanced training and vetting systems for all requirements! I may talk about these another time.

For now, don’t suffer FOMO. Visit https://www.guardpass.com/employers and see how GuardPass solves many of your security company’s issues.


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