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Home Employers Enhancing security team skills: Training solutions with GuardPass.
Enhancing security team skills: Training solutions with GuardPass.

Enhancing security team skills: Training solutions with GuardPass.


Enhancing security team skills: Training solutions with GuardPass.The cohesion of security teams is absolutely fundamental to the success of contracts. The best way to both improve that cohesion, and improve the service to any client, is via quality relevant training for your teams. From initial recruitment, to ongoing team development, GuardPass has training solutions for every stage of your Security Officer’s employment.

With the cost of living now going up, availability of security officers in the jobs market going down, and companies looking to attract quality employees, paying for Security Industry Authority mandatory training to attract fresh talent into the industry, is an option that is now increasingly being considered by employers. The GuardPass system for employers looking at providing this initial training, is called “GuardTrain”. GuardTrain can be used to book industry leading license qualification courses for new recruits, at 85 locations across the UK. Best of all, companies can benefit from special corporate rates, and group booking discounts. Despite this money saving process, companies can be safe in the knowledge that the new employees coming through this system have had the advantage of undergoing celebrated and outstanding quality, Get Licensed approved training courses.

On deployment to a new contract, it takes a while for any team to settle in. During this period, a phenomenal way to impress a client is to have your security team undergo further relevant quality training based on needs identified in the initial site survey. Toolbox talks may be useful for ongoing training and refreshing knowledge, but better still, identify specialist skills from the huge selection of professionally developed and great value e-learning courses available on GuardPass, and get your team to complete them in their down time. Successful completion of these courses generates a certificate which your HR team can place on file, and which both increases the value of the Security Officer to the client, and highlights your company’s commitment to staff development.

When budgets are tight, employee development should always be prioritised as there is little to touch the cost to benefit equation of good training. The value of the resulting contract retention, maintaining company reputation, and retaining good Security Officers, can not be overstated.

When budgets are at rock bottom, GuardPass can still help your company to keep up with the professional development of you security teams, with content for the previously mentioned toolbox talks, and free reference material for your employees, all via the free GuardPass app. Encouraging your employees to download this app to their smart devices immediately places access to a huge and growing library of expert guidance, news, views and free refresher training, on a variety of subjects, at their fingertips.

Your operations management can also utilise the huge amount of information and expert guidance available, to assist them in creating those toolbox talks. These usually take place on site and can be performed for anywhere from one to maybe 30 officers at once. These are bite sized training sessions and usually just take about 10 minutes to deliver, with more time at the end for a useful question and answer session. This is a fabulous way to provide updates on security practice, site procedures, and other important operational issues. Keep a record of those that attended, and the subject discussed, and a Security Officer’s personnel file can be appropriately updated with the new skill taught or knowledge imparted.

Richard Branson wisely said that the best way to look after your clients is to look after your staff. The best way to look after your staff is by increasing their professional value. The best way to do this? Training, Training, Training!

Whatever your training needs, and however big or small your security teams may be, GuardPass has comprehensive solutions, generating value, and easing the strain on your operations team.


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