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BS7858 screening guide

BS7858 screening guide


BS7858 screening is a tough cookie to crack. We know it can be a bit of a head-scratcher, but fear not, because we’ve got something exciting in store for you. Exclusive BS7858 Practical Guide by industry experts with ready-to-use templates and checklists from GuardPass. All while keeping it straightforward and, dare we say, a bit fun to learn. So, grab your coffee, take a seat, and let’s go.

Understanding the Purpose of BS7858

Your trusty toolkit for ensuring that your security team members are top-notch and reliable. Learn how to do your homework to keep your company safe and sound. BS7858 is your guarantee against potential risks like fraud, theft, and sabotage.

BS7858 Screening Levels

We’ll be taking you through three distinct levels of BS7858 screening. Level 1 gets you started with the essentials, Level 2 delves a bit deeper into financial history and criminal records, and Level 3 is the big leagues. Each level match the risk with the role. Get ready to use templates by industry experts to streamline your BS7858 screening process.

The Screening Process

Ever heard the saying, “One size doesn’t fit all“? That’s precisely what we explore in the risk assessment stage of BS7858. We’ll help you categorise roles into high, medium, or low risk, ensuring that your screening aligns with the job’s demands. Making your screening sharper and more effective.

Screening checklist

Our practical checklist guides you through each step of checking a candidate’s background. Ensure you vet candidates thoroughly and consistently, maintaining trust and safety in your hiring process. Plus, it keeps you organised, reduces mistakes, and ensures fairness – a must-have tool in your arsenal.

Reference check

Unearth the secrets of conducting a reference check that goes beyond just confirming past employment. We’ll show you how to ask the right questions, verify information, and even spot any gaps in employment history. Build a true picture of your candidates.

Document verification

Think of this as your detective work. We’ll walk you through the steps of verifying candidate-provided documents like IDs, qualifications, and work history. Now, you can ensure that everything is above board and compliant with BS7858.

Make a Call

Once you’ve completed the screening process, it’s time to make a clear call – hire, wait, or decline. We’ll guide you on how to communicate your decision professionally and respectfully, no matter the outcome.

Bonus Tips

Don’t miss our bonus tips. These tips will help you avoid errors, reduce risks, and save time and effort in your hiring process.

Wrapping it up, we’ve streamlined the BS7858 screening process for you. Whether you’re a seasoned HR manager in the security industry or just starting out, this guide is your trusty sidekick. Safeguard trust and security in your team. 

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