CIS Security’s Success Story with GuardPass

Founded in 1969, CIS Security has grown to become a leader in providing professional security solutions across the UK and Ireland. With a team of over 2,900 members, their vision is to be globally recognised for delivering service excellence to their customers, colleagues, and communities. 🌟 Meet the CIS Security Team Georgina Martin, Talent Resourcing…

Founded in 1969, CIS Security has grown to become a leader in providing professional security solutions across the UK and Ireland. With a team of over 2,900 members, their vision is to be globally recognised for delivering service excellence to their customers, colleagues, and communities.

🌟 Meet the CIS Security Team

Georgina Martin, Talent Resourcing Manager, and Mafalda Oliveira, HR Resourcing Administrator, are at the forefront of CIS Security’s innovative recruitment efforts. Their insights provide a real-world perspective on the benefits of integrating GuardPass into their recruitment strategy.

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🔍 The Challenge: Broadening the Talent Pool

As CIS Security continued to expand its operations and influence, the company faced a critical recruitment challenge. How do you effectively connect with a diverse range of top-tier security professionals, especially those who are freshly certified and eager to start their careers? 

With traditional methods proving insufficient for targeting the specific needs of the security industry, CIS Security needed a solution that could bridge the gap between qualified candidates and the high standards they uphold.

“We wanted to reach a wider range of individuals who have recently obtained their SIA licence,” Mafalda Oliveira noted, emphasising the need for a more targeted recruitment approach.

🛠️ The Decision: Embracing GuardPass

In their search for a more effective recruitment strategy, CIS Security discovered GuardPass. The platform promised more than simply filling positions. GuardPass promised & successfully made it possible to connect CIS security with dedicated security professionals who are both highly qualified and genuinely passionate about advancing their careers in security.

Georgina Martin shared her initial impressions, “When we first explored GuardPass, it was clear that it wasn’t just another job board. The focus was solely on the security sector, which really resonated with us. It’s a platform where candidates with a genuine interest in our field gather, making it a goldmine for recruiters like us.”

The team decided to start with a trial period, aiming to test the effectiveness of GuardPass in meeting their high recruitment standards. 

The results were immediate and impressive. “We started off with a trial to see if it would benefit our recruitment team with the growth of the company,” Georgina remarked. 

“And once we were able to see how many good quality applicants were coming through, we knew we had to grow our partnership with GuardPass.”

🎯 The Impact: A Game-Changing Partnership

Once the trial demonstrated its potential, CIS Security fully embraced GuardPass, and the benefits were transformative. 

“The main benefit of working with GuardPass is that we get results. We always receive a high number of applications, and it could be useful for when we are arranging career interview days as it is quick to contact candidates via the chat,” highlighted Georgina Martin. 

This shift not only optimised their recruitment process but also significantly expanded their talent pool.

➡️ Enhanced Communication and Efficiency

One of the standout features that CIS Security leveraged was the GuardPass chat system. 

“It means candidates get back to us quickly because they get a notification sent to their phone,” Mafalda Oliveira added, praising the system’s efficiency. 

This feature enabled the HR team to streamline communication, speeding up the entire recruitment cycle and making it more dynamic and responsive.

➡️ Tailored Recruitment Features

GuardPass not only sped up communication but also brought a suite of tailored features that perfectly aligned with CIS Security’s specific needs. 

“Being able to use templates when advertising a job and when messaging people saves us so much time as well,” Mafalda Oliveira pointed out. 

The use of customisable templates has allowed CIS Security to maintain consistency in their communications, ensuring that each message is clear, professional, and tailored to the audience.

➡️ Video Introductions: Bringing Personalities to Light

Another innovative feature that really changed how CIS Security hires security is the video intros.

Georgina Martin shared her enthusiasm for this tool, “The video CIS intros are also a great feature because we can see and hear the candidates, which allows us to select the right people for the role.” 

This feature has enabled the HR team to gain insights into candidates’ communication skills and professionalism before the actual interview, significantly improving the screening process.

➡️ Building a Community of Qualified Professionals

With GuardPass, CIS Security has not only filled positions but has built a community of engaged, qualified security professionals. “Seeing that the profiles are verified gives us a lot more confidence that the person is serious about a role in security,” noted Georgina. 

The job board’s automated SIA licence check feature ensures that all candidates are SIA approved security professionals, which increases the reliability of the recruitment process.

Expanding Horizons

As CIS Security continues to harness the full potential of GuardPass, the outlook is optimistic. 

The collaboration has not only met the immediate needs but also opened doors to new possibilities for innovation and efficiency in recruitment. 

“Our expectations from working with GuardPass in the future is to continue what we’re doing,” stated Georgina Martin. 

“We look forward to seeing future developments to the platform and the growth of the individuals using it.”

This ongoing partnership promises to keep CIS Security at the forefront of recruitment technology, adapting to changes and continuously improving the recruitment experience for both the company and its candidates.

Notably, GuardPass connects us with a vibrant pool of over 170,000 security job seekers, enriched monthly by approximately 7,000 new talents eager to make their mark. This vast and ever-growing database is a testament to how GuardPass not only connects employers to qualified professionals but also keeps the community vibrant and updated with fresh prospects.

A Partnership Built on Shared Values and Goals

The alliance between GuardPass and CIS Security is more than just functional—it’s strategic, founded on shared values of excellence and innovation. 

Both parties are committed to refining the recruitment process, ensuring it not only fills positions but fosters a community of security professionals who are well-prepared and motivated.

A Testament to Innovative Recruitment

The journey of CIS Security with GuardPass is a testament to how innovative tools can transform traditional processes, making them more efficient, effective, and aligned with modern needs. 

This partnership highlights the importance of choosing the right technology to support and enhance business goals, particularly in industries as demanding as security.

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