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Home Employers Crafting irresistible security job ads: The power of comprehensive benefits
Crafting irresistible security job ads: The power of comprehensive benefits

Crafting irresistible security job ads: The power of comprehensive benefits


Picture this: you require reliable security professionals for your organisation. You want the best, but how do you attract them? The secret lies in crafting a security job ad that grabs their attention and doesn’t let go. Today, we’ll explore the art of creating irresistible security job ads with help from GuardPass, the UK’s premier security job board.

GuardPass: Your ultimate security job board

Before we dive deep into the topic, let’s introduce you to GuardPass, your go-to platform for all things security-related. Whether you’re an employer seeking top-notch security personnel or a professional on the hunt for your next gig, GuardPass has you covered. To explore opportunities or post a job, visit our employers’ page.

Deconstructing a standout security job ad

Let’s dissect a GuardPass job ad to understand what makes it tick and how to apply these principles to your job listings.

Job Title: Security officer – Leicester Employer: Globi Security LTD

Location: Leicester, UK

The hook: Immediate Start

The draw: Competitive Pay

GuardPass gets straight to the point by highlighting the hourly wage – £9.50 – £10 per hour and breaks down earnings for a clear picture. It’s upfront and transparent.

The Essentials: Job Type & Benefits

This ad doesn’t beat around the bush. It clearly states that it’s a Full-time position.

The details: Job Description & Duties

A standout job ad provides a comprehensive job description. GuardPass excels in this department by detailing the responsibilities and ensuring applicants know exactly what’s expected.

The non-negotiables: Requirements

While stating the requirements is standard, emphasising them is essential. GuardPass makes it crystal clear that a Door Supervisor and Security Guard Licence is a must.

The flexibility factor

GuardPass understands that one size doesn’t fit all. They offer flexibility, catering to different preferences within the security industry.

The tone: Engage, don’t overwhelm

Lastly, the ad maintains a conversational tone throughout. It avoids corporate jargon, making it approachable and engaging.

The art of crafting irresistible security job ads

Now that we’ve deconstructed a standard GuardPass job ad, let’s unlock the secret behind crafting an irresistible security job ad with a focus on comprehensive benefits:

1. Competitive pay: The foundation

A compelling security job ad starts with competitive pay. Job seekers want to know what’s in it, including a fair wage. Our example clearly states the hourly rate and breaks down earnings, offering complete transparency.

2. Clarity on job type

Specifying the job type is essential in an era where flexibility is valued. GuardPass mentions that it’s a part-time position, allowing potential candidates to align their expectations with the role.

3. Elevating the Offer

It’s not just about the paycheck but what comes with the job. In our example, applicants are enticed with benefits like a uniform and store discounts. These seemingly small perks can make a significant difference when job seekers decide.

4. Detailed job description

A detailed job description sets expectations. GuardPass excels here by outlining the responsibilities, ensuring applicants understand precisely what the role entails.

5. Emphasise requirements

While stating the requirements is standard, highlighting them helps attract suitable candidates. GuardPass clarifies that a Door Supervisor Licence is a must, filtering out applicants who need to meet this criterion and saving everyone’s time.

6. Flexibility matters

Flexibility can be a game-changer. We understand that not all security professionals want the same thing. Some prefer regular shifts, while others seek flexibility. By offering both, they cater to a broader pool of applicants.

7. Engage, don’t overwhelm

Lastly, the job ad should be manageable. Using a conversational tone and avoiding corporate jargon is critical. GuardPass strikes a balance between providing essential information and keeping the reader hired.

Comprehensive benefits are a game-changer. GuardPass knows this, and you can too. Craft irresistible security job ads like a pro by following our lead. Offer competitive pay, clarify job types, entice with benefits, provide detailed descriptions, emphasise requirements, offer flexibility, and maintain an engaging tone. Ready to hire? Head to GuardPass today!


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