Creating a part-time security workforce for peak demand

In the security industry, adaptability is the cornerstone of success, especially when peak demand periods hit. The key? A part-time workforce that’s as responsive as it is skilled. Sadly the vast majority view their role as simply to provide poorly trained, inexperienced, and cheap labour, whenever requested.   Now GuardPass has arrived to do things better,…

Discover how you can hire security professionals during high demand by leveraging a flexible, vetted, and part-time security workforce.

In the security industry, adaptability is the cornerstone of success, especially when peak demand periods hit. The key? A part-time workforce that’s as responsive as it is skilled. Sadly the vast majority view their role as simply to provide poorly trained, inexperienced, and cheap labour, whenever requested.  

Now GuardPass has arrived to do things better, providing front line security professionals, from amongst our huge pool of flexible working security officers. We help you navigate these challenges smoothly. GuardPass is your ally in creating a part-time security workforce as flexible as a gymnast and as reliable as the Queen’s Guard.

GuardPass: Your strategic ally

Imagine a digital companion that aligns with your recruitment needs, streamlining the process of connecting with a part-time security workforce and hiring security professionals who are ready to step into roles at a moment’s notice. GuardPass is your tool to recruit a workforce that’s as agile as your business needs. At GuardPass, we understand the unique ebb and flow of the security sector. We acknowledge the importance of having a workforce that can dynamically adjust to seasonal spikes, special events, and sudden security demands without long-term overheads.

A music festival sprung up out of nowhere, a royal procession, or those days when the calendar is dotted with public holidays. These are your peaks, times when security needs skyrocket, and you’re left scrambling for staff. GuardPass, the maestro of matching security professionals with employers, steps onto the stage here. It’s the ace up your sleeve, allowing you to scale up with a roster of vetted, ready-to-march security pros who are just waiting for your call. A compass that points true north. We offer a solution that adapts to your needs, ensuring that your workforce reflects resilience and readiness and turning the tide on the traditional recruitment slog. 

Also, with our user-friendly interface, you’ll have access to a pool of vetted security professionals ready to take on part-time shifts and offer the flexibility you need without the long-term strings attached. This means less time wading through applications and more time fortifying your security services where it counts. 

Benefits for your team

Flexibility in scheduling:

Life’s more than just work. We give our security pros the power to pick shifts that slot neatly into their lives. Whether dropping the kids at school or hitting the gym, they can work around it, not through it. So, when your company reaches out, they step up – fresh, focused, and fired up to get the job done. It’s about giving them the reins to manage their time, and in turn, they give you their best when on duty. Simple, smart, and straightforward – that’s how we roll at GuardPass.

Fast payments:

Sure thing. In the world of security work, where every minute counts, so does every payday. That’s why with GuardPass, the moment your security staff have clocked out, we’re clocking in to ensure their pay is on the fast track. Just 72 hours after they’ve wrapped up their shift, they’ll see the fruits of their labour reflected in their bank balance. No fuss, no muss. It’s not just about efficiency; it’s about respect. We understand that when your team is relieved of the niggling worry about their wages, they’re free to focus on what they do best: keeping things secure. And that’s not just good for them; it’s good for your peace of mind, too.

Extra holiday pay:

When the calendar’s chock-a-block with public holidays and high-spirited events, that’s when your security team really shines. With GuardPass, stepping up during these bustling periods doesn’t just mean keeping the peace; it’s also about reaping some well-deserved rewards. We’re talking a nifty 12.07% uplift on the usual pay for these special shifts. It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for their commitment. This little boost not only perks up the ears of those crackerjack professionals you’re keen to recruit but also sweetens the pot for your existing team, ensuring they know their extra mile is well worth it.

A balanced approach for security pros

Life’s about balance, and GuardPass promotes just that. By offering flexible scheduling, your team can manage their professional commitments around personal pursuits, leading to a more contented and, thus a more reliable workforce. We deploy smart and engaged Security Officers, enhancing your reputation and are able to quote excellent charge rates, whilst paying our officers above the living wage, by keeping our costs down. Over 6,000 new job-seekers join monthly, 60% trained by us, refreshing and building our licensed & quality candidate pool.

Enlist with ease

Ready to embrace a new security recruitment era? Here’s how to unfurl the sails with GuardPass:

Build your team: 

Craft a compelling employer profile that showcases the opportunities and benefits of working with your company. Create an employer profile with GuardPass and unlock an opportunity to paint a full picture of your security organisation. Now, hire security professionals from the largest candidate pool of 130,000 all are fully PAYE employed by Get Licensed, the UK’s most highly respected SIA training network in the UK. Here, you can showcase what makes your company stand out, the ethos that drives you, and the growth opportunities that await your future team. We guarantee 10 applicants per job within 5 days of posting, or a free boost. It’s about narrating your story in a way that resonates with top-notch professionals.

Vetting made easy:

Utilise the streamlined vetting process to ensure each candidate meets the industry’s high standards. If the thought of security vetting breaks you into a cold sweat, it’s time to switch to a smoother track. Choose a part-time security workforce through GuardPass so you’re choosing a BS7858 standard vetted, SIA licence-checked, pres-creened and active workforce. This means they come to you with the flashing green light, having passed rigorous industry standards, ready to proudly wear your badge.

Interview with insight: 

Conduct video interviews that cut straight to the chase, identifying candidates who best fit the job. Long-drawn interviews? Not on our watch. We offer you a glimpse into a security professional’s capabilities before you even schedule a meeting, thanks to 20-second video intros. It’s like the trailer before the big film – except you decide immediately if it’s the blockbuster you’ve been waiting for. This sneak peek at their skills ensures you’re constantly interviewing candidates who are not just fitting a role but elevating it.


It’s a brave new world for the security industry, with GuardPass paving the way for a workforce as dynamic as it is dependable. We’ve got you whether you want a night owl or a dawn patroller.

Why settle for the status quo when you can have the cream of the crop at your fingertips? Join us, and let’s get this partnership started. After all, isn’t it time your security workforce was as adaptable as the world we’re safeguarding?

Your future in security starts now. Security Officers are available now for shifts across the London and Birmingham regions. Join the GuardPass ranks, and let’s march forward together.