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Event security job ad that gets results (+ 3 examples)

Event security job ad that gets results (+ 3 examples)


Event security is a major part of the security industry. It’s important to have a skilled and reliable workforce to keep people safe when gathering in large amounts. You can’t just hire security guards; it’s about recruiting professionals trained to handle diverse settings, from music festivals to corporate gatherings. 

But how do you attract such talent in the field? It all starts with writing compelling job ads. In this blog, we’ll learn how to make event security job ads that get results. Get ready to learn the secrets that will help you attract the best talent in the field.

Understanding the UK security industry

We are talking about a diverse and growing sector in the UK, with a wide range of businesses providing services to protect people, property, and assets. The industry is facing some challenges, including the rise of terrorism, the increasing sophistication of criminals, and the need to comply with complex regulations. However, the industry is also innovating and developing new technologies to meet these challenges.

Key elements of a successful event security job ad

Let’s talk about crafting a job advertisement attractive for top-notch event security professionals in the UK, Clarity and precision are your allies. Here, we’ll dissect the essential components that should be in your job ad, to ensure it stands out in the competition.

Clear job title and location 

Start strong with a job title that leaves no room for ambiguity. Include the specific location of the event to ensure candidates understand the logistics right from the beginning. Clarity matters.

Detailed job description

A well-defined job description is your opportunity to set clear expectations. Highlight the role’s responsibilities. What do you precisely want? Like crowd management, access control, or incident response. Potential candidates should know what they’re signing up for.

Qualifications and licensing 

Always adhere to the regulations in the security industry. Specify any required qualifications and the necessity of SIA licensing to ensure applicants meet the legal requirements, saving both their time and yours.

Company Overview

Don’t forget to introduce your organisation briefly. Share your company’s values, mission, and commitment to security excellence so your potential candidate aligns their values with your company culture.

Compensation and benefits 

Let’s talk numbers. Outline the salary and any additional benefits or perks your organisation offers. it’s competitive pay, health benefits, or training opportunities!! make it clear why your position is an attractive opportunity.

Application process 

Lay out the steps candidates need to take to apply for the position. Include details like deadlines and contact information. A straightforward application process reflects professionalism.

Create a job ad with these elements and communicate precisely what you’re looking for and what candidates can expect. Remember, clarity is your best friend. Potential hires should read your ad and know whether they’re the right fit within seconds. Keep it concise, straightforward, and enticing, and you’ll be well on your way to attracting top-tier event security talent in the UK.

Examples of effective event security job ads 

Here are 3 examples of event security job ads from our vast database of jobs from GuardPass:

Example 1

Let’s say a recognised and trustworthy security company in the UK, KESecurity posted a job ad on GuardPass about an open positions of event security in Brighton and Hove here is how it typically looks:

Event security Brighton and Hove

Pay Schedule: Fortnightly

Venue: Event

Take Home Salary Breakdown: Hourly Rate £12.50 Weekly hrs 30

Required Certificates and Licensing: Door Supervisor Licence required

Job Type: Part-time employment

Job Description:

We are looking for door supervisors for a venue shift in Brighton next week and further events as below.

We are looking for door supervisors to work in events and venues in various locations in Brighton and the surrounding area, with further events available nationally.

Must enjoy interacting with the public and have strong customer service & conflict management skills.

Must be comfortable and experienced working in pubs, large public events, sports arenas, large clubs android festivals. Ensuring the safety and security of members of the public & staff on site while enforcing event or venue policies & licensing requirements where required, rates of pay are dependent on event and position, travel and accommodation will be provided for away shows.

We are hiring for:

  • Door supervisors
  • Event control room operatives
  • Response team members
  • Static and patrolling guards for event sites

Your duties could include:

  • Searching and screening members of the public for entry, including the use of handheld metal detectors or static arches
  • Checking accreditation and passes
  • Response team duties
  • Assisting with crowd management
  • Enforcing site/event policies & procedures
  • Asset protection
  • CCTV monitoring & control room duties (if licenced and experienced to do so)
  • Enforcing health and safety policies

PAYE or self-employed, all applicants must:

  • have a valid SIA Door Supervisor or CP licence.
  • have a 5 year checkable work history
  • have experience within the security industry
  • have or be willing to attain a UTR number if applying for self-employed


  • SIA Licence (Required)
  • Previous experience within a security environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations
  • Thinking and reasoning skills for dealing with emergencies

Example 2

Here is another example from Active Security Solution who posted about an open position of Event security required in Middlesbrough:

Event security Middlesbrough

Pay schedule: Weekly

Venue: Event

Take home salary breakdown: Hourly Rate £11 – £13   Weekly hrs 16

Required certificates and licensing: Door Supervisor Licence required

Job type: Part-time employment

Benefits: Uniform


  • Prestigious Event Security across a large network of clients
  • Competitive Compensation: Earn between £11.00 and £13.00 per hour, reflecting your exceptional skills and dedication.
  • Exciting Opportunities: Discover the array of prestigious events we partner with, where your expertise will be put to rewarding use.

Job description:

Are you a top-tier SIA Door Supervisor, committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of the community? Do you thrive in dynamic social environments and have a passion for making a positive impact?

What we’re looking for:

  • Valid SIA DS License: Your certification is your passport to an exciting opportunity where your skills shine.
  • Public Interaction: If you love engaging with people and thrive in a bustling city setting, you’re exactly who we need.
  • Flexibility: Balancing your current commitments? No problem. We offer part-time hours that complement your schedule, including evenings and weekends.

Example 3

C&E Global Group required an event security officer in Worcester:

Event Security Officer Worcester

Pay schedule: Fortnightly

Venue: Event

Take-home salary breakdown: Hourly Rate £12.00   Weekly hrs 12

Required certificates and licensing: Door Supervisor Licence required

Job type: Part-time employment


On-site parking


Job description:

Job purpose 

Working in Event Security you will be ensuring the safety and well-being of everyone who falls under your responsibility (including customers, staff and the public in your area).  

Job Overview 

The job requires you to work as part of a team and be responsible for providing first-class customer service, whilst ensuring the safety, security and health and safety of all attendees, contractors and staff. 

Duties Include:

  • General patrolling and securing the areas
  •  Conduct bag and body searches, as well as produce reports and communicate with management
  • Prevent unlawful entry into venues and ensure safe entry and exit of visitors
  • Undertake the necessary legal restraints and control in a professional manner
  • Complete daily reports of any accidents or incidents and ensure the necessary action is taken
  • Interact with members of the public and act with integrity and honesty while treating people with respect in challenging situations
  • Responsible for greeting customers and employees in a professional and courteous manner 


  • A valid SIA licence – Door Supervisor 
  • Good communication skills 
  • Proven customer service skills
  • Reliable and punctual
  • Fluent in written and spoken English

These 3 event security job ads examples from GuardPass are clear and concise with opportunities requirements and pay rates which are the basic and backbone of solid job ads. it accurately reflects the job duties. Well-written, easy-to-understand security job ad highlights the benefits of the job. The ads from GuardPass are specific about the skills and experience required for the job.

Write compelling event security job ads

Grabbing the attention of top-notch event security professionals isn’t just about listing requirements and responsibilities; it’s about selling an opportunity. Get inside the minds of potential candidates. What motivates them? What are their career aspirations? Tailor your ad to resonate with their desires and goals. What makes your event security role stand out? Whether it’s prestigious events, advanced training, or a supportive work culture, showcase what sets your opportunity apart from the rest. Employ words that evoke excitement and convey the importance of the role. Phrases like “ensuring public safety” and “thriving in dynamic environments” can build interest.

Narratives engage candidates. Share success stories of your security team in action. Describe the impact they’ve had on past events, emphasising their contributions to safety and order. Mention opportunities for advancement within the security industry. If candidates see a clear path for career development, they’re more likely to apply and whenever possible, use vivid descriptions rather than generic statements. Paint a picture of the role and its significance in ensuring a seamless event experience. Don’t bury the perks. What is the competitive pay, flexible hours, or access to industry-leading technology?

Make it easy for candidates to apply. Clearly outline the steps, deadlines, and contact information. A hassle-free application process leaves a positive impression. Remember, your job ad is a candidate’s first interaction with your organisation. Make it an experience worth remembering.

Avoid common mistakes

Don’t leave candidates guessing. Be specific about responsibilities and expectations.

Failing to convey your company’s culture leads to job uncertainty. While qualifications matter, don’t overwhelm yourself with a laundry list. Balance it with what makes your opportunity unique. If your job offers perks like training or career growth, don’t bury them. Benefits matter to candidates.

A complex application process can deter applicants. So keep it simple and user-friendly. Spelling errors and typos can turn off potential hires. Proofread your job ad carefully before publishing. Steering clear of these blunders ensures your job ad shines in the crowd of ads for top event security talent.

One truth stands clear in the security industry: well-crafted job ads are the gateway to success. Your ability to attract top-tier professionals hinges on the clarity, engagement, and resonance of your advertisements. Understand your audience, highlight your unique selling points, simplify the application process, and set your job ads apart from the competition. Avoiding common pitfalls ensures you don’t inadvertently turn away potential stars. 

As we conclude, let’s not forget about a remarkable opportunity that GuardPass offers with exceptional service. GuardPass takes your recruitment efforts to the next level, granting you access to a suite of advanced tools and resources.  Now you can prioritise your job ad placement, receive tailored candidate recommendations, and track applicants in real-time. Elevate your hiring process and assemble the security dream team you’ve always envisioned. Don’t just dream it; make it a reality with GuardPass. Join us today and experience the difference! Your journey towards security excellence starts here.


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