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GuardPass: Jobs for the Week

GuardPass: Jobs for the Week


We’re back with another edition of our top security job picks, and this week is looking even more promising. At GuardPass, we want to provide you with the latest and greatest opportunities in the security sector. Join us to explore this week’s top security jobs.

1. Security Officer/CCTV Operative at The Westgrove Group, Sheffield

security job

Type: Retail

Pay: £10.64/hour, paid monthly.

Looking for a job in security with a tech twist? The WESTGROVE GROUP in Sheffield’s lively area, The Moor, is hiring! They want a Security Officer who’s good with CCTV operations. It’s a 42-hour job every week, with four work days and four days off. It’s a cool chance to work in a fun place. Interested?

Your tasks? 

Monitoring CCTV systems, ensuring stakeholder safety, maintaining control room security, and more. Plus, if you’ve got a Door Supervisor or Security Officer SIA Licence, a CCTV Licence, and top-notch customer service skills, you might just be the one they’re looking for!


Apart from working in a dynamic environment, you’ll have access to training opportunities, Retail Trust benefits, HSF Health Care perks, and a Refer-a-Friend scheme. And if you’re passionate about community service, you’ll love their paid volunteering days.

About The Westgrove Group:  

The Westgrove Group has marked its place in the industry with a commitment to providing unmatched security services. Based in Sheffield, their blend of technology and human touch ensures all-around safety. Their dedication goes beyond security; it’s about creating trust-filled experiences for everyone.

Tips to Boost Your Application:  

– Tailor Your CV: Ensure your CV resonates with the job’s needs. Showcase those CCTV skills!  

– Proofread: A small typo can make a big difference. Give your application a once-over before sending it in.  

– Ask Questions: Are you curious about the shift timings or further training? Reach out. 

Bonus Tip:  

A complete and updated profile on GuardPass can be your game-changer. With detailed information about your qualifications and experiences, you position yourself as the cream of the crop. Stand tall, be noticed, and let the best jobs chase you!

2. Door Supervisor/Head Doorman/Woman in London with SECURE ALLIANCE LTD

security job

Type: Bar/Club

Pay: £12 – £14/hour, paid weekly.

Ever thought of working in London’s busy nightlife? SECURE ALLIANCE LTD is hiring in the city centre. They need people with a Door SIA licence for Head Door Supervisor and Door Supervisor roles at London’s top bars and clubs. Pay starts at £12.00 per hour for door supervisors and £16.00 for head roles. Interested?

Your role? 

Leading teams, ensuring proper paperwork per shift, and being the front face of some of London’s hottest spots. If you’re over 18, present well, are punctual, can communicate effectively, and are comfortable in establishments serving alcohol, this could be your next role. Fluent English and a valid SIA Door Supervisor License are a must. While prior experience is preferred, your attitude and leadership ability will make a difference.


Have you ever thought about who’s got the back of London’s most buzzing venues? It’s SECURE ALLIANCE LTD! They’ve earned their stripes by delivering top-notch security and building trust throughout London’s glitzy spots. What makes them stand out in the crowd? It’s their solid teamwork and unwavering professionalism. They don’t just do their job; they ensure they’re the best at it.

Pro-tip for Aspirants:  

The key to making a lasting impression is a combination of your skills and how you present them. Tailor your CV to highlight your leadership skills, especially if you’re eyeing the Head Door Supervisor role. And if you’ve had prior experience in bars or clubs, make it prominent. Remember, it’s not just about the licence but how you’ve applied your skills in real-world scenarios.

3. Door Supervisor in Birmingham with METROGUARD OXFORD LIMITED

security job

Type: Bar/Club

Pay: £13 – £15/hour, paid weekly.

Birmingham is known for its vibrant nightlife and busy venues, it is calling out to all the experienced Door Supervisors. If you’ve got the talent and enthusiasm for ensuring safety while blending seamlessly with the environment of the bars, METROGUARD OXFORD LIMITED might just be looking for you!

Join a team that oversees more than 250 venues nationwide, ranging from bars and restaurants to hotels. This isn’t just a job; it’s an opportunity to collaborate closely with clients and enjoy the backing of dedicated Area Managers. And yes, experience in bar security is non-negotiable. They’re clear: This might not be your role if you haven’t worked in bars as security.

What’s in it for you? 

Your starting pay will be £13.00/hour, with head door supervisors earning £15/hour. And if you’ve clocked in a year as a head door supervisor, you’re in for even better pay. Beyond the numbers, the role promises long shifts, both full and part-time.

Role & Responsibilities: 

– You may stand at the entrance, screening visitors for suitability. 

– Ensure visitors are above 18 and free from potentially harmful items like drugs or weapons.

– Control entry and exit routes.

– Manage customers for a safe venue environment.

– Handle crowd control and maintain proactiveness for customer safety.

– Conduct ID checks and individual screenings.

Key Requirements:

– A valid SIA Door Supervisor Licence.

– Have excellent communication skills and be customer service-focused

– A minimum of 6 months experience in bar or club security.

– Own transport or local residency.

– Ability to handle emergencies and remain calm in tense situations.


With a vast presence across the UK, METROGUARD has made its mark in the security sector. Their commitment to professionalism, safety, and expansive venue partnerships have set them apart. 

And there you have it! If Birmingham’s vibe sets best with you and you possess the specific skills METROGUARD seeks, this might be your next gig. And hey, if you land this role or any other we’ve highlighted, give us a shout. We’re all ears for success tales!


security job

Type: Bar/Club

Pay: £18.00/hour, paid weekly.

GuardPass has spotlighted a role perfect for those who wish to work in high-energy security environments. WALKABOUT is on the hunt for a Head SIA Door Supervisor. If you have three years of experience in a similar role, then REGENCY SECURITY could be your next career path.

REGENCY stands prominent in the security landscape, with its presence felt from cocktail lounges to major event spaces and sports arenas. Joining them means you’re teaming up with some of the best in the UK’s security scene.

What’s the gig? 

– Ensuring the safety and security of patrons and staff at WALKABOUT.

– Using your experience and expertise to handle situations that require smart tactics to resolve issues.

– Working weekends and evenings, but let’s face it, that’s when all the action happens.

You’re their kind of person if you:

– Possess a frontline SIA Door Supervisor License.

– Have, at minimum, three years of related experience.

– Are well-versed with SIA guidelines and basic law.

– Nail the punctuality game, always appear neat, and wield impressive communication skills.


– Weekly pay (because who likes to wait?).

– Access to Perkbox – think discounts on shopping, gym memberships, cinema tickets, dining, and more.

– Plus, there’s the potential to claim expenses for various things, like travel, training, uniforms, and even those snazzy safety shoes.


REGENCY is doing wonders in the security industry, providing leading security solutions across the UK. Their collaboration with elite venues speaks volumes about their credibility and expertise. Whether it’s a bustling sports stadium or an intimate cocktail bar, REGENCY’s presence ensures safety and peace of mind.

As we wrap up this week’s job highlights, if any of these roles spark your interest or align with your career goals, don’t hesitate to dive in and apply. 

Keep those CVs polished and those spirits high. With GuardPass as your trusty, every security job opportunity is a step closer to your career peak. Until next week, keep safe, stay vigilant, and remember – the perfect security role awaits you.

A Call to Employers:  

Looking to fill a position? GuardPass is loaded with talent. Post your job with us and connect with highly skilled and trained security professionals. Together, let’s make every space safer.

Why GuardPass?  

Trust, diversity, and growth – that’s the GuardPass statement. We’re not just about finding you a security job; we’re about finding you the right position where you can truly make a mark. Stay tuned and connected! More exciting security job listings are on the way. Until then, keep your career dreams alive. Remember, a new week brings new opportunities. Catch you next week for another round of top security jobs!


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