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Home Employers GuardPass solutions: Job ads, job boost, and CV database
GuardPass solutions: Job ads, job boost, and CV database

GuardPass solutions: Job ads, job boost, and CV database


In an era where the right personnel can make all the difference, GuardPass is your partner in revolutionising how you find and hire top talent in the security industry. Today, we’ll unveil three game-changing solutions: Job Ads, Job Boost, and CV Database. 

These aren’t just products; they’re your keys to streamlining recruitment, making it more efficient and effective than ever before. Say goodbye to the old ways and embrace the new. Let’s explore how GuardPass is transforming the way you build your security dream team.

Job Ads

If you have a security job vacancy, and you’re eager to find the perfect candidate. That’s where GuardPass’s Job Ads come into play. Our system is designed with simplicity and effectiveness in mind. Here’s how it works:

When you purchase job credits (starting at just one credit, with increments of one), you gain access to a powerful tool. Each credit allows you to post a single job vacancy in one location. But that’s just the beginning. Unlike conventional job boards, we don’t leave you to fend for yourself. As soon as your ad goes live, we kick into action. We send push notifications to relevant candidates, cutting down the number of available job credits by one each time.

But what if you want to be even more proactive? With GuardPass, you can invite candidates to apply without using your CV Database (CVDB) credits. We’ll connect you with a pool of qualified candidates within a 30-mile radius of your job location. It’s all about reaching the right people without unnecessary hassle.

Your ad stays active for a generous 28 days, during which it appears in our Jobs by Email (JBE) listings. These weekly email updates reach candidates on Fridays, ensuring that your ad remains in the spotlight. Plus, we periodically send push notifications to the most relevant candidates, further boosting your chances of finding the perfect match.

Here’s where GuardPass’s commitment to user-friendliness shines. You can edit all fields of your ad as many times as you need during those 28 days. We believe in flexibility, allowing you to fine-tune your ad for better results. Your ad will still be searchable, keeping the door open for more applications.

But how do candidates see your ad? Our smart algorithm ensures that adverts are displayed based on relevance. We take into account job title, location, and keywords matching a candidate’s profile. It’s all about ensuring that the right roles are presented to the right candidates.

But that’s not all; stay with us to discover how GuardPass’s Job Boost takes your recruitment game to the next level.

CV Search Database

Need a security professional? Search for candidates from a comprehensive CV search database of over 110,000 qualified security professionals based on their skills, experience, and location, and view candidates’ profiles, Including their CVs, work history, and contact information.

Perform unlimited searches on our CVDB, with the flexibility to find the best candidates for your open positions. GuardPass gives you access to valuable candidate information, like driving licence, proof of address, and criminal history, in downloadable PDF format. Helpful for you in informed hiring decisions.

Job Boost 

A powerful GuardPass toll for you to accelerate the application rate for your job ads. Want your job ad on the top of search results? With Job Boost, your job ad will be promoted to the top of the search results and sent to candidates via email and push notifications in one-hour intervals. Now your job ad has maximum exposure and reaches the right candidates at the right time.

Job Boost’s email and push notifications feature is a great way to get your job ad in front of the right candidates as soon as possible. It accelerates the application rate for your job ads even more than our average application to job rate of 60+. Now your job ad will be seen by more candidates and will be promoted to the top of the search results. Maximise your recruitment efforts by giving your job ads maximum exposure and reach with a job boost. This can help you to find the best candidates for your open positions more quickly and efficiently.

Don’t hassle and struggle to find qualified security personnel for your open positions, hire top security talent quickly and efficiently with GuardPass. Sign up for a free account today and see how GuardPass can help you solve your recruitment challenges.


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