Navigating the Crisis: GuardPass’ Strategy in the Face of the UK’s 60,000 Security Officer Gap

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has long recognised that a shortage of workers has been a limiting factor in the sector’s growth. In the UK, this year alone, we were looking at a deficit of over 60,000 security officers.  It’s no secret that we were facing a bit of a crisis of the security officers…

Discover how GuardPass is tackling the UK's security officer gap with a streamlined approach. Get insights into their strategies and the impact they're making in the security industry.

The Security Industry Authority (SIA) has long recognised that a shortage of workers has been a limiting factor in the sector’s growth. In the UK, this year alone, we were looking at a deficit of over 60,000 security officers.  It’s no secret that we were facing a bit of a crisis of the security officers shortfall. And we at GuardPass are rolling up our sleeves to tackle this challenge heads-on.

Let’s dive right in and talk about how we’re navigating this crisis.

GuardPass’ approach

GuardPass is a specifically designed job board for the security industry, created by experts with extensive experience in both security and recruitment. We simplify the security recruitment process for security companies by providing access to an extensive pool of security professionals, all with verified Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences. 

At GuardPass, we have a clear mission – to help security companies fill their security needs, no matter how wide they are. So how do we tackle this crisis head-on and continue to grow despite the security officer shortage?

Streamlined hiring process

One of the standout features of GuardPass is our user-friendly job board. You can easily post security job listings or search through a database of security professionals. What’s more, despite the shortfall of security officers we receive an average of over 60 applicants per job post . We know our game! GuardPass provides not just quantity but also quality in our biggest pool of 140,000 SIA certified security candidates in the UK. Now you can quickly find the right people to join your security teams with a simplified hiring process.

The power of a verified database

Security builds on trust. GuardPass understands this and ensures that all our  job-seekers in the database have their SIA licences checked – that’s the official stamp of approval. Plus, these candidates are prescreened and active, so you’re not wasting time on candidates who aren’t ready to roll. Like your own personal security dream team on standby, just a few clicks away. GuardPass takes the guesswork out of hiring, so you can focus on keeping things safe and secure.

The fact that GuardPass makes sure that every candidate in our database has their SIA licences checked demonstrates our dedication to trust and professionalism in the security recruitment.

A constantly growing talent pool

One of our key strategies for tackling the security officer shortage is the continuous influx of new security candidates. With over 6,000 new job-seekers joining every month, and 60% of them trained by GuardPass, our job board keeps refreshing and building our pool of licensed, vetted, screened and quality candidates. This not only benefits you as a security employer but also contributes to the overall growth of the security industry.

Embracing technology for better assessment

Security industry counts every second. GuardPass’s “Video Intros & Instant Chat” feature swoops in like a superhero. Imagine this: you’re sifting through a stack of job-seeker profiles, and you stumble upon someone who looks promising. But here’s the magic part – you can actually see them introduce themselves in a video. It’s like a mini job interview before the actual interview!

This 20 second video intro gives you a sneak peek into their personality and communication skills. Are they confident, articulate, and professional? You get a feel for it right away. And the best part? You don’t have to wait around for emails or phone calls. Send quick messages right there in the app – instant chat, just like texting a friend.

Swift shift fulfilment

So you’re a security employer facing a sudden surge in demand for officers due to an unforeseen event or emergency. It’s a crisis, and you need reliable security personnel. This is where GuardPass steps in with its “Swift Shift Fulfilment” feature. GuardPass understands that in the security industry, flexibility is vital. With GuardPass, you can swiftly hire pre-vetted security professionals, ready to jump into action. These professionals come with dedicated support, ensuring you have a reliable team even in the most challenging situations.

GuardPass’s Swift Shift Fulfilment becomes your lifeline. We ensure you have the manpower you need when you need it, no matter the crisis. It’s a game-changer in navigating this challenging landscape.

Guarantee of success

GuardPass’s “Guarantee of Success” is like a safety net. How does it fit into our strategy of dealing with the UK’s security officer gap? 

Let’s say you’re a security employer facing a severe shortage of officers, and every day without a full team puts your clients and assets at risk. GuardPass steps in and says, “Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.” We’re confident in our ability to connect you with the right candidates that we promise a minimum of 10 applicants for your job within just 5 days of posting it on GuardPass.

Expanding GuardPass’s reach

We’re focusing on expanding our presence in the UK market, with targeted security recruitment efforts in high-demand regions. We’re also big believers in collaboration and we actively seek partnerships with established UK-based security companies to leverage their expertise and networks. Together, we’ll make a more significant impact in bridging the security officer gap. GuardPass tailored their messaging to the UK audience, understanding their unique needs, and delivering effective solutions. 

A Trusted Solution

GuardPass is a solution. And the numbers speak for themselves. With over 140,000 profiles created, 29,560 active job seekers, and an average of 67 applications per job post, GuardPass is making a significant impact in the security industry. But what’s even more impressive is the list of top notch security companies currently using GuardPass, including Compass Group Ltd, Professional Security, CIS Security, Secure Alliance Ltd, DCS Group, Oracle Security Services, Westgrove Group, and NGS Security and so on. These companies have put their trust in GuardPass to help them navigate the security officer shortage, and it’s paying off.

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As we conclude, We’ve got a clear mission – to help security companies bridge the staffing gap, and we’re doing it in style. With our streamlined hiring process, verified database, ever-growing talent pool, and tech-savvy approach, we’re not just surviving the crisis; we’re thriving.

So, as we expand our reach and join forces with top-notch security companies, GuardPass remains the go-to solution for security hiring needs. With a track record of success, GuardPass is the ally you can trust. In a world that demands security, GuardPass delivers.