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Hire security: Don’t make these 3 common mistakes

Hire security: Don’t make these 3 common mistakes


Hiring security professionals involves making critical choices, and indeed, the right candidate can be the backbone of your team’s success, while errors in hiring can lead to costly mishaps. For security employers in the UK, navigating the hiring process can be challenging.

In this blog, we’ll delve into three common missteps that often trip up security employers and equip you with the know-how to sidestep these blunders. Furthermore, the urgency to build a dependable security team sometimes tempts us to rush decisions, but we’ll guide you towards a more considered approach. 

By the end of this article, you’ll not only be aware of these hiring pitfalls but also explore how GuardPass, your dedicated job board for verified SIA-licensed security professionals, can simplify your hire security professionals journey. Together, we’ll embark on this exploration and ensure your hiring process is as secure as the roles you’re filling.

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Mistake 1: Neglecting the SIA license verification

So, the first common blunder in security hiring often emerges when employers overlook the importance of verifying Security Industry Authority (SIA) licences. In the UK, possessing an SIA licence is mandatory for security professionals. It’s a testament to their training, qualifications, and eligibility to work in the security sector. Disregarding the verification of SIA licences can expose your organisation to unnecessary risks.

Solution: Hire security personnel with GuardPass automated SIA licence verification

GuardPass automates the SIA licence verification process to provide you with a hassle-free experience. Our platform ensures that every candidate in your talent pool holds a valid and verified SIA licence, eliminating the risk of hiring unlicensed individuals. 

This feature not only saves your organisation from potential legal complications and liabilities but also provides you with a robust solution to streamline your hiring process. With GuardPass, you can confidently focus on other essential aspects of your hiring process, knowing that your team is backed by a pool of verified, licensed professionals.

Mistake 2: Hire security personnel with traditional hiring methods

Another common mistake in security hiring is over-reliance on traditional hiring methods. Although these methods have been effective to some extent, they may not be sufficient to meet the evolving demands of the security industry. But, relying exclusively on traditional methods, such as posting job ads on generic platforms or depending on word-of-mouth referrals, can limit your access to a wider pool of qualified candidates.

Solution: Hire security personnel with GuardPass – Expanding your reach to over 130k security jobseekers

GuardPass offers a specialised platform tailored to the security industry, making it a more effective solution for reaching skilled professionals. By using GuardPass, you tap into a vast network of over 130,000 security experts with verified SIA licences. Our platform brings together security professionals and employers, simplifying the hiring process and increasing your chances of finding the right candidate for your specific needs.

Mistake 3: Undervalue candidate skills evaluation

Neglecting to evaluate candidate skills and specialisations is a mistake you should avoid. Focusing solely on basic qualifications and certifications might lead you to overlook candidates with valuable, specialised skills. For instance, if your security company requires experts in crisis management, a candidate with these specialised skills can provide significant advantages.

Solution: Hire security professionals with GuardPass skill badges

GuardPass goes beyond the standard qualifications and certifications. We offer a comprehensive profile of each candidate, showcasing their unique skills and specialisations with our skill badges. Our platform allows you to quickly identify candidates with expertise in areas critical to your organisation. With GuardPass, you can make more informed hiring decisions and tailor your team to meet specific security challenges effectively. Your security team can now include experts in areas that can make a real difference in safeguarding your assets and personnel.


Thus, to summarise, hiring security professionals carefully for your team is crucial, and avoiding common hiring mistakes is essential to building a dependable and capable security workforce. Neglecting the verification of SIA licences, relying solely on traditional hiring methods, and undervaluing candidate skills evaluation are pitfalls that can be costly and daunting. 

However, GuardPass offers solutions to these challenges. With automated SIA licence verification, you can ensure you’re hiring licensed individuals. By using GuardPass, you can expand your reach to over 130,000 skilled security job seekers, increasing your chances of finding the right candidate. Furthermore, GuardPass skill badges allow you to evaluate unique skills and specialisations, helping you build a specialised security team that can make a real difference in safeguarding your assets and personnel. 


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