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Home Employers Unlocking efficiency: How GuardPass can streamline your security staffing
Unlocking efficiency: How GuardPass can streamline your security staffing

Unlocking efficiency: How GuardPass can streamline your security staffing


The biggest problem for security companies.

For security companies, recruitment, selection, vetting, and onboarding of new personnel, is a massively time-consuming, expensive, and inefficient procedure.

These days, with charge rates leaving miserly profit margins for contract security companies, finding the right people, quickly and cheaply, whilst ensuring that vetting is diligently performed in full compliance with British Standards BS7858, is difficult and frankly messy.

Advertising for the role.

Reaching potential candidates is increasingly difficult.

Traditional advertising using online recruitment portals like “Indeed” or “Total” is expensive and it is hard to target the people you need using such a generic system. These traditional methods are problematic as they do not allow for vitally important security job information to be used to filter through the oceans of cyber or information security roles, to locate the right physical security vacancies.


Covid has meant that initial interviews via video calls are now commonplace. Whether virtual or physical face-to-face, however, an employer will need to arrange these interviews and allocate time in the diary to perform them. This is one of the biggest problems in recruitment, however, as the ratio of individuals booked in for interview, and those that actually attend, is frankly appalling. Recently, while recruiting for a new contract located a long way from company HQ, I booked an office for a day, 200 miles away, and booked 12 candidates to come in for an interview. The day before the interviews were planned, I called every candidate and confirmed the time, date, and location, to ensure they would be there.

The office costs about £80 to rent. The hotel room booked for the night before the interviews cost around £70. Fuel there and back was maybe £60, and a day’s lost productivity, as I could have been gainfully employed elsewhere, cost the company £150. For over £360, I expected a profitable day and hoped to get maybe 6 to 8 candidates well on the way to employment with us.

One candidate showed up.

This may be a worst-case example but more typically, recently, my HR manager booked an entire afternoon out, to perform 15 Teams meetings with potential new recruits. Two had the decency to log in. A loss of over half a day for one of the most critically important members of the management team.


We all know the vital importance of honesty and integrity within our industry, and British Standards BS7858 provides a set of guidelines designed to ensure that those with dubious backgrounds do not find employment in security.

Vetting is, however, by its very nature, a time-consuming process. Checking the validity of documentation is a very specialised task, and letting fake or fraudulently obtained credentials slip through the net, can prove disastrous. Most time-consuming however is performing the necessary 5 year employment and background checks. Answering requests for references is never at the top of a company’s “to-do list” and waiting for responses to enquiries can take ages. Trying to hunt down companies that may have moved, or that operate outside of the UK, has a whole new set of obstacles to overcome.

Proper training.

With the shocking ever-present spectre of fraudulent security training providers, offering mandatory training pass certificates for cash, it is also vital to ensure that your new staff have undergone quality Security Industry Authority mandatory training. These days, sadly, having an SIA license is not a guarantee that the holder has actually completed the training that the law requires. Having to look into the validity and quality of training is yet another unwelcome drain on time, and another hurdle in an already demanding onboarding process.

Now there is an easier way!

The largest security training network in the UK, Get Licensed, has cast its expert eye over the challenges faced by employers, and has come up with a comprehensive solution.

GuardPass has been developed by security professionals to address all of the problems encountered by contract security companies, recruiting for roles across every sector of the industry. It provides a suite of services, which take the load off of HR and Operations departments, and simplifies hugely complex procedures, saving time and money, and even improving the quality and diligence of the recruitment process.


GuardTrain provides a corporate portal giving access to some of the highest quality SIA training available in the UK, the Get Licensed network of approved training providers. Discounts are available for companies and for group bookings. Just the thing for companies that have started to look beyond the existing security workforce for new talent. GuardTrain can also be used to source outstanding refresher training for existing officers who need to renew their SIA license. There are also currently 85 training locations across the UK, so new recruits, or existing staff, will not have too far to travel to obtain industry-leading training. Officers that have been trained via the Get Licensed network are going to be well-trained professionals, GuardPass guaranteeing quality.


GuardHire gives employers access to the dedicated GuardPass security industry recruitment jobs board. The GuardPass app provides well over 100,000 potential new recruits with a system that gives them access to the jobs they are searching for, in the area that they want to work, at a salary and shift pattern that works around their lives.

This means that employers can precisely target an engaged pool of professional potential recruits, already looking for the type of work you are offering. For the app user, there is no generic or ambiguous “waffle” on this jobs board, and the features most important to a jobseeker, are highlighted front and centre. It speaks the language of security and utilises genuinely useful filters to enable a user to quickly and easily home in on the most suitable roles.

Almost all of the UK’s biggest and best industry employers are already advertising their vacancies on the GuardPass app, with more companies joining up daily.

Most impressively however are the benefits experienced by the companies now using GuardHire to find new staff. Posting a vacancy on any of the traditional online recruitment systems may generate a first response after a day or two, and lead to a handful of applicants. When my employer, Bold Security Group Limited, started to use GuardHire to advertise their vacancies, my HR manager enthusiastically informed me that the first application arrived just a few minutes after the ad went live, and they had received more applications in just a few hours than the last ad posted on a big, traditional online recruitment site, generated over several days.

GuardHire is fast and easy to use. It produces great results, far more quickly than any other system available, but possibly the very best feature gives employers the ability to view 20-second introductory videos of potential candidates. This provides a great insight into the communication ability of candidates, their standard of dress, and their personality, and allows simple and highly effective filtering of applicants.


With the vetting process being so time-consuming and laden with potential hurdles, GuardCheck provides a completely outsourced system, fully compliant with BS7858. Using the latest document verification technologies and expert personnel, GuardCheck ensures that the highest quality vetting takes place, and provides you with all the documentation that your HR department will need to satisfy basic legal and ASC compliance needs. It is fast, efficient, phenomenal value for money, and massively reduces the drain on your HR resources.

These three GuardPass systems, GuardTrain, GuardHire, and GuardCheck work together seamlessly or can be used as stand-alone products, deployed to solve the problems most important to your company.

Any way you choose to use them, the effectiveness, ease of use, and efficiency of the GuardPass suite of services is unparalleled and has been designed to meet your company’s needs, by people who understand the industry and the issues you face.


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