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Home Employers Beyond CV’s: Innovative tools for assessing security talent
Beyond CV’s: Innovative tools for assessing security talent

Beyond CV’s: Innovative tools for assessing security talent


Is your security hiring process becoming more and more complicated for you? If you’re still relying on resumes and interviews to assess security talent, it’s time to update. 

Innovative assessment tools can help you go beyond the surface and identify the best candidates for your team. Their unique features allow them to measure a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and abilities more objectively and reliably than traditional methods. 

Identify candidates who are a good fit for your company’s culture and values with innovative assessment tools. Let’s explore 5 tools offered by GuardPass, the most dedicated security job board in the UK.

Instant SIA licence check

As a security employer, you understand the paramount importance of a SIA (Security Industry Authority) licence. Now, consider how much valuable time you spend manually verifying your candidates’ SIA licences—possibly up to a few hours. In today’s fast-paced security industry, time is of the essence. It’s time for an upgrade. 

When you choose to hire through GuardPass, you gain access to an innovative assessment feature seamlessly integrated with the SIA’s database. This enables you to instantly and automatically check the validity of SIA licences, saving you precious time for other mission-critical tasks.

Assess candidates with 20-second video intros

Communication is a cornerstone in the security industry. Traditional methods require face-to-face meetings or interviews to assess the interpersonal skills of candidates. Recruiters spend only a few seconds reviewing a CV before they decide whether it is suitable for a vacancy or not. 

GuardPass provides you with 20-second video intros to take a sneak peek at a candidate’s confidence, communication and interpersonal skills. Join us now, and be free from the headache of manually reviewing each resume one by one. Use our innovative short video intros feature to assess candidates’ communication skills, confidence, personality, and fit for the company culture.

Real-time chat with candidates

You are probably aware of that long email funnel which goes back and forth between you and your potential candidates. Must be a headache right? Have you ever wondered if there is an innovative assessment tool where you can directly chat with your candidates in real time with no need for long professional emails? 

GuardPass is here, send and receive chat messages and files and save yourself from snail mail and missed calls with our exclusive chat feature. Free your next hire now.

Effortless screening 

Before hiring you must screen your candidate to check their Identity, any potential red flags, candidate’s work ethic, reliability, criminal record and credit history. Another boring and time-consuming process. GuardPass comes to your aid again and presents you with our innovative assessment feature. We provide you with pre-screened candidates, which means approved SIA licence status, criminal record, employment history, and credit history are already updated by the candidate, to save you time and reduce those stressful hours of manually screening candidates one by one. Why wait? Go beyond resumes and streamline your security hiring with GuardPass

GuardPass skill badges

But we haven’t stopped at just revolutionising the way you assess security talent. GuardPass takes it a step further with our skill badges. These badges provide a visual representation of a candidate’s verified skills and qualifications, making it easier than ever to identify the perfect fit for your team. From communication prowess to physical intervention skills, our skill badges allow you to quickly spot the candidates who meet your specific requirements.

With GuardPass, you’re not just hiring based on resumes; you’re selecting candidates backed by real evidence of their capabilities. Experience the future of security hiring with GuardPass and unlock a world of talent that goes beyond traditional CVs. Join us today and discover how our innovative tools, like skill badges, are redefining security recruitment in the UK.


In summary, if you’re tired of the complexities in your security hiring process, it’s time for a refreshing change with GuardPass’s innovative assessment tools to help you find the right talent with:

  • SIA Licence Check
  • Video Intros
  • Real-time Chat
  • Screening Information
  • Skill badges

Don’t wait any longer to streamline your recruitment process. Join GuardPass and experience a more efficient, hassle-free way to find top security talent. Take action now and sign up for a free trial of GuardPass today!


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