London’s Finest: Showcasing the Top 10 Security Firms of 2023

In the 2022/23 reporting period, London saw a hike in crime, with around 101 offences for every thousand people, up from 93 the year before.  Imagine this: there’s a massive network of about 691,000 CCTV cameras across London. That’s like having one camera for every 13 people around! Even the London Underground is packed with…

Discover London's top 10 security firms of 2023. From Mitie Security to G4S Secure Solutions, these giants are shaping the city's security landscape.

In the 2022/23 reporting period, London saw a hike in crime, with around 101 offences for every thousand people, up from 93 the year before. 

Imagine this: there’s a massive network of about 691,000 CCTV cameras across London. That’s like having one camera for every 13 people around! Even the London Underground is packed with cameras, boasting 15,576 of them. 

Now, the UK’s security and resilience sector? It’s valued at about £24.4 billion and it’s on the rise. This growth is spurred by an increased focus on keeping the nation safe, tackling terrorism, and a growing appetite for security gear and services.

So, till now you have a rough idea how strong and vast London’s security sector is. It’s obvious then that there are not top security firms but giants playing in this field. This blog discusses those giants among giants in 2023 who are London’s finest and pros in their field.

Mitie Security

Mitie Security

Staggering £942 million turnover, part of Mitie Group established in 1984, stands tall as the UK’s largest and top security firm. Mitie Security’s colossal span spans the entire nation as a major force in the UK security industry. A deserving contender on any list focused on London’s security scene.

Mitie Security Headquarters

A substantial workforce. And operational base? In the heart of the city. From Manned Guarding and Fire & Security Systems to technology solutions, they offer a variety of security solutions. Means they cater to a diverse clientele in London, further cementing their position at the forefront.

This client-focused approach is undoubtedly a big part of why they’re seen as a top player in London’s security sector.

Bidvest Noonan 

Bidvest Noonan 

With an estimated revenue of £302,000,000 and part of a larger international group, and 45 strong years in the security industry. Bidvest Noonan has a strong footprint in London. Serves in specific areas like cash handling, secure transportation, and event security. Especially known for their top-notch secure cash operations, serving financial institutions and retailers throughout the city. This niche expertise positions them as the go-to choice for specialised security needs.

Bidvest Noonan Headquarters

What sets Bidvest Noonan apart is their focus on long-term client relationships and providing bespoke security solutions. Reputation? Built for professionalism, particularly in high-value cash handling, which cements their status as one of London’s premier security firms. Specialised skills, strong presence in London, and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a worthy contender in the city’s top security firm for 2023.

CIS Security

CIS Security

Since 1969 CIS Security has stood out in the security industry for its exceptional manned guarding and mobile patrols with an estimated revenue of £124,000,000 in 2023.  Master in the art of providing these core services, thanks to their highly trained and dedicated security team. A reliable choice for businesses and institutions that need a strong, visible security presence.

Focusing on the diverse needs of London, CIS Security serves a multitude of sectors, ranging from retail to construction, and including education and healthcare. Their ability to adapt to different security requirements makes them a valuable asset to a broad and varied client base in the city.

CIS Security Headquarters

They’ve managed to strike the perfect balance between being traditional and tech-savvy, making them a go-to security partner in London, especially for those who appreciate professional, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. So here is your third strong contender in London’s top security firm in 2023.

I.C.T.S. (U.K.)

I.C.T.S. (U.K.)

Established in 1987, I.C.T.S. is not just about manned guarding – think static guards, mobile patrols, and close protection – but they also bring tech into the game. Their use of AI-powered video analytics and drone patrols shows a keen eye for innovation. But that’s not all. With over 35 years in the business and a solid reputation for professionalism and quality, winning the trust and satisfaction of their clients. They are no doubt top security firm in London.

Experts in electronic security, handling everything from CCTV monitoring to access control and intruder detection tech. Then there’s the canine squad – highly trained security dogs that add an extra layer of deterrence. And let’s not forget their role in aviation security, where they manage ground handling, air cargo security, and passenger screening at airports. 

Service range? Comprehensive. Mindset? Innovative. Track record? Strong. An impressive £121,000,000 estimated turnover in 2023, we present to you your 4th contender in Top 10 London’s finest security firm.

Corps Security

Corps Security

Well, think about this: a security firm that cares about more than just profits. Corps Security is a social enterprise. Wondering what that means? They reinvest their profits into the community, supporting social projects and training schemes. Security with a social heart, isn’t that something?

What about their actual services? Corps puts their clients right at the centre. Want a security solution tailored just for you? They’re all over it, offering personalised service and always ready for a chat. 

Expertise in the field?. Corps Security excels in manned guarding and mobile patrols. They’re tech-savvy, using mobile apps to keep everything ticking along nicely. But there’s more – they also do CCTV monitoring, manage building access, and provide full-scale security for events. 

Corps Security headquarters

Why is Corps Security a top choice in London in 2023? Have a strong estimated revenue of £115,000,000 in 2023. More than 164 years in business. Reliable security services, a customer-first attitude, and a real commitment to community good and top security firm in industry. 

Ward Security

Ward Security

With Security Excellence Awards, Security & Fire Excellence Awards and The British Security Industry Awards and an expected revenue of £66,000,000 in 2023. They don’t do off-the-shelf solutions. Each client gets a tailor-made security plan. Everything from having well-trained guards and dog patrols and offering risk advice

How do they handle London’s unique mix? Easy. Ward Security knows that London’s a melting pot with different needs in every corner. A bustling business district, a tranquil public park, or a community project, they’ve got a plan that fits just right. It’s their way of navigating through the city’s diverse security landscape.

Ward Security headquarters

It’s their custom-fit approach, experience across various sectors, and unwavering commitment to top-notch service. For anyone in London needing security that’s a bit more personal and proven to be effective, Ward Security is your go-to. How’s that for a top contender?



Sodexo offers an entire package of facilities management. Imagine having security, catering, cleaning, and building maintenance all sorted with just one company. Handy, isn’t it, for those who want everything under one roof?

How does Sodexo handle the diverse needs of a city like London? 

Here’s the interesting bit: they’ve got this global reach, yet they know London like the back of their hand. They bring in the best practices from around the world and blend them with a local touch. Makes sense for clients who want world-class service with a local flavour, right?

Manned guarding, access control, CCTV surveillance, fire safety, and even cyber security – they’ve got it all. Plus, they’re sorting out security for universities, hospitals, government buildings, you name it.


So, why consider Sodexo among London’s elite security firms? Impressive expected revenue of £61,800,000 in 2023. 57 strong years in operation.Mix of integrated services, global insights with a local spin, and a leap into technological innovation. Not your traditional security firm, but certainly one shaping the future of security in London. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

City Group Security Ltd

City Group Security Ltd

A bespoke tailor for the financial district, cultural institutions, and high-end retail. That’s City Group Security with a £32,000,000 of revenue expected in 2023. They’re not trying to cover everything under the sun. Instead, they’ve carved out their niche, understanding the ins and outs of these specific sectors. Tailored solutions for demanding environments? They’ve got it nailed.

Ever seen drones on security patrol? Or guards using top-notch mobile apps? City Group Security Ltd cutting-edge tech like advanced access control systems. 

Client treatment? It’s not just a business transaction for City Group. They’re big on building relationships, really getting to grips with what each client needs. Personalised services, specialised training for their guards, proactive risk management – it’s all part of their package.

City Group Security Ltd

Manned guarding with guards trained for specific sectors, advanced CCTV and access control, secure transport for those precious valuables, top-notch event security, and savvy risk management. They’ve got this unique blend of niche expertise, tech innovation, and a client-first approach. Whether it’s for the flashy retail stores or the bustling financial district, they’re delivering security that’s just right for each sector. Makes sense why they’re up there with the best.

Guarding UK Ltd

Guarding UK Ltd

For starters, £30,015,087 expected revenue and one of the biggest players in the UK security scene. With over 800 employees and managing a colossal £9.72 million in assets, they’ve got the capacity for those large-scale projects. And their wide-reaching presence in London – that’s a big plus too.

Guarding UK LtD got a whole buffet of security services on offer. Ever heard of a firm that does manned guarding, mobile patrols, electronic security systems, fire safety, and remote monitoring all under one roof? They’ve got it all, catering to clients with diverse tastes.

Quality matters, and Guarding UK knows it. They’re laser-focused on delivering top-notch service and sticking to industry rules. Just check out their credentials, like the SIA Approved Contractor Scheme and ISO 9001

Guarding UK is proving that they’re the go-to choice in London’s top 10 security firms for 2023. They’ve got the size, the services, the quality, and a client base that swears by them. A one-stop shop for security? What do you think?

G4S Secure Solutions

Over 1000 employees and up to £409.1 million in revenue. They’re no small players. G4S Secure Solution is a global heavyweight in the security game. Their name carries weight, and you can trust them. But what’s great is that they’ve got their strong feet firmly planted in London too. They’ve tailored their services to fit the unique security needs of the city. From transportation to government to financial institutions, they’ve got specialised solutions for every sector.

Now, let’s talk about their services. G4S isn’t a one-trick pony. They’ve got a whole bag of tricks. Manned guarding, security tech, alarm response, cash handling – you name it, they’ve got it covered. They’re like a Swiss Army knife of security. And that means they can meet the diverse needs of their clients in London.

So, is G4S the most specialised firm out there? Maybe not, but they’ve got the global expertise, a local London focus, a wide range of services, and a rock-solid reputation. When you’re looking for comprehensive and reliable security solutions, G4S Secure Solutions is definitely a name to consider among the top 10 in London in 2023.


As we conclude, London’s security sector is no small arena, given the challenging situations. The top 10 security firms showcased here are the giants among giants, each bringing its unique strengths to the table.

Mitie Security, with its massive turnover, stands tall as a UK security leader, while Bidvest Noonan specialises in cash handling, and CIS Security excels in manned guarding and adaptability. I.C.T.S. (U.K.) brings innovation to the game, while Corps Security combines social responsibility with security expertise. Ward Security offers tailored solutions, and Sodexo integrates multiple services seamlessly. City Group Security Ltd caters to specific sectors, Guarding UK Ltd is a one-stop security shop, and G4S Secure Solutions brings global expertise to London.

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