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Home Case Studies Metro Guard’s recruitment success with GuardPass
Metro Guard’s recruitment success with GuardPass

Metro Guard’s recruitment success with GuardPass


In the competitive landscape of security personnel recruitment, MetroGuard knew that staying ahead of the game required innovation and efficiency. They sought a solution that would not only simplify their recruitment process but also consistently deliver high-calibre candidates.

Enter GuardPass, the platform that would redefine MetroGuard’s approach to hiring. In this blog, we’ll explore MetroGuard’s journey with GuardPass and uncover how this partnership transformed their recruitment strategy, helping them secure top-tier security professionals with ease.

About MetroGuard – 

MetroGuard, established in 1998, is a trusted and accredited security company. They specialise in offering a diverse range of bespoke security services, all designed to meet the unique needs of their clients. MetroGuard has built a strong reputation based on excellence and is known for fostering long-standing relationships with its clients.

Testimonial: A Glimpse into MetroGuard’s Experience with GuardPass

In the realm of recruiting security personnel, finding candidates with the right qualifications and skills can be quite challenging. 

MetroGuard, a prominent supplier of security professionals in the United Kingdom, was resolute in its commitment to delivering top-tier security personnel. To accomplish this mission, they embarked on a journey to revamp their recruitment process.

“Since using GuardPass I have found them helpful and innovative. Unlike other platforms, their customer service is amazing with weekly calls to see if they can improve and to offer advice.”

In Andy’s words, GuardPass stood out as a helpful and innovative solution. What set GuardPass apart was its exceptional customer service—a rarity in the industry. GuardPass actively engages with MetroGuard, offering weekly calls to provide valuable support and improvement advice. This level of commitment ensures that MetroGuard receives the best possible service.

“Their dashboard is user-friendly, and their support team are always available.”

MetroGuard also praised GuardPass for its user-friendly dashboard, making the recruitment process efficient and straightforward. Additionally, GuardPass’s support team is consistently accessible, ensuring that MetroGuard’s needs are met promptly and efficiently.

“By far the most cost-effective platform for seeking security personnel.”

The testimonial emphasises that GuardPass is not only efficient but also cost-effective. MetroGuard found it to be the top choice when it comes to recruiting security personnel—a testament to the platform’s quality and affordability.

So what sets GuardPass apart from the competition?

Automated licence check: GuardPass automates the verification of candidate licences from the SIA database. No need for manual checks, reducing administrative overhead right? You just post your job ad and we ensure that all candidates hold valid licences.

Video introductions: Candidates can create video introductions. This helps Metro Guard to get a little sneak peek of who they are hiring before initiating in-person interviews. A clearer picture of candidates’ communication skills and professionalism, aiding in the shortlisting process.

User-friendly job posting: User-friendly job posting interface, simplifies the process of advertising security positions. Metro Guard can craft job advertisements attractive precisely to the candidates they seek. A streamlined approach to save time by generating higher-quality applications right from the outset.

Chat: Metro Guard can communicate with candidates in real-time. This can be used to answer questions, schedule interviews, or simply get to know the candidates better. No need for back-and-forth emails or phone calls.

CV search: Metro Guard has now access to a large database of SIA-licensed security workers. An easy way to find qualified candidates for their job openings. 

GuardRank: We also use AI in our services. GuardRank is an AI-driven scoring system that matches candidates to jobs based on their skills and experience. Now Metro Guard knows exactly who is the best candidate for each job opening without having to review every application individually.

Screening information: GuardPass provides screening information on all candidates, including CCJs, insolvency, and address proofs. This helps Metro Guard to ensure that they are hiring qualified and trustworthy candidates, avoid making bad hires and protect their reputation.

Overall, GuardPass’s innovative features have significantly eased the Metro Guard recruitment process. A road to an efficient, streamlined, and ultimately more successful hiring process for top-tier security personnel. 

GuardPass has become an invaluable asset in their recruitment endeavours. We completely transformed the Metro Guard’s recruitment process, delivering quantifiable improvements in hiring outcomes. Ready to revolutionise your recruitment process? It’s time to join GuardPass. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the best talent in the industry – take the next step with GuardPass and hire security like never before.


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