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Home Employers Reliable, Rapid, and Compliant – Know more about GuardPass Staffing
Reliable, Rapid, and Compliant – Know more about GuardPass Staffing

Reliable, Rapid, and Compliant – Know more about GuardPass Staffing


There’s always been a challenge that has kept security employers up at night – the quality of the officers on duty. It’s always cropping up, worrying lack of knowledge and skills among agency security officers.

As an employer in the security industry, you’re no stranger to the balancing act of managing a dynamic workforce while ensuring top-notch service delivery. The UK’s security landscape demands both speed and compliance, and that’s where GuardPass steps in, offering a flexible staffing solution that’s as nimble as it is dependable.

GuardPass’ innovative approach

GuardPass' innovative approach

Introducing GuardPass’s “Flexible Security Staffing.” A digital partner fits right into your hiring groove, providing you with part-time pre vetted and certified SIA security pros ready to jump into action whenever you need them. 

And guess what? We give you that flexibility without the headache of long-term commitments. What sets it apart is its strict criteria for security officers before they’re even considered for deployment.

Understanding the challenge

The quest for high-calibre security personnel often leads recruiters down a rabbit hole of endless recruitment cycles, vetting processes, and contractual complications. The challenges are many:

  • Swiftly filling in shifts without compromising quality.
  • Navigating the complex web of compliance and certification.
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of long-term contracts that don’t always match fluctuating demand.

Recognizing these industry-specific challenges, GuardPass has engineered a service that’s not just a response but a proactive stride towards a more streamlined hiring experience.

The solution

Reliable, Rapid, and Compliant – Know more about GuardPass Staffing

At its core, GuardPass’s flexible staffing service is about providing immediate access to a vast talent pool pre vetted security workers, all ready to serve. But it’s not just about numbers. It’s about a seamless match between your needs and our professionals’ expertise. 

Here’s what sets us apart:

➡️ No Long-Term Contracts: Say goodbye to the rigidity of traditional staffing solutions. GuardPass gives you the freedom to adjust your workforce as your business demands evolve.

➡️ Guaranteed Quality: Our officers come with either Get Licensed Certification, a minimum of 2 years’ UK security experience, or have passed our thorough security knowledge assessment.

➡️ Vetted and Ready: With nearly 4,000 officers already vetted to BS7858 standards and eager to work, your security needs are covered.

➡️ Full Employment Benefits: Every GuardPass officer enjoys the full rights and privileges of PAYE employment, ensuring a committed and satisfied workforce.

Proven Security Industry Knowledge

No security officer gets the green light for client assignments until they’ve shown their stuff in one of these three ways:

✅ Proving they know their security stuff through our own testing and proving they can communicate clearly.

✅ Bringing at least 2 years of real, proven security experience to the table.

✅ Completing the must-have Security Industry Authority training with a Get Licensed-approved trainer.

We don’t hand out certifications like candy – only when we’re thoroughly convinced that an officer meets one of these criteria do we give them the GuardPass seal of approval. It’s our way of saying, “Yep, this one’s a bona fide, competent security pro.” 

Finally, we’ve got a rock-solid promise of quality for the security officers we provide. No more just filling spots or adding bodies for the sake of numbers.

With GuardPass Flexible Guarding, you’re not just hiring security officers; you’re elevating your company’s reputation with professional, reliable, and tech-savvy security solutions.

To talk to us about our service, what makes us better, and how we can fulfil all your security needs, drop us a line at: FlexibleGuarding@GuardPass.com 


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