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Home ... The power of video intros: How GuardPass helps employers make better hiring decisions.
The power of video intros: How GuardPass helps employers make better hiring decisions.

The power of video intros: How GuardPass helps employers make better hiring decisions.


What are new GuardPass video intros?

Designed from the ground up to be the most effective dedicated jobs board for the security industry, it is not surprising that the GuardPass app (https://www.get-licensed.co.uk/guardpass-app) gives all officers that complete their personal candidate profile, the chance to record a 20 second video intro, which can be viewed by potential employers.

For the potential new recruit, this is a golden opportunity to showcase their personality, demonstrate their standard of dress, underline the quality of their communication skills and highlight key experience and qualifications.

20 seconds may not sound much time, but it is more than long enough to create a great first impression and sell yourself as a brand to the employers that watch it.

So the GuardPass candidate video intros are hugely beneficial for those seeking work.

The key benefits for potential employers.

#1 No more wasted time.

This will be a familiar scenario for anyone that has any experience of recruiting in the security industry.

You place a compelling add for several roles you have locally. You call 20 applicants and manage to get hold of 15 which you book in for interviews on Thursday. 4 will contact you wanting to rearrange the interview due to various domestic emergencies. 2 will call you on the day itself, saying that they are lost or have got on the wrong bus, or have been attacked by a Llama, and can they possibly rearrange the interview for a time more convenient to them….. (All of these are immediately rejected.) 2 will arrive without any of the information you asked them to bring and with communication skills so poor that you must have been speaking to a friend or relative when you called them to book the interview. 2 will actually arrive with the information you asked them to bring, and maybe one (1) will be suitable for the role.

10 will simply not show up, and will not respond to your telephone calls.

The drain on the time of operations managers or HR administrators, is horrific.

When you have the chance to view a 20 second video introduction for the potential candidates you immediately eliminate all those that have poor communication skills, or those that look like they have just rolled out of bed. You will know how they will deal with both your client, and the public, simply by the way they present themselves and their level of enthusiasm.

In a nutshell, the video introduction system allows an employer to filter out the vast majority of unsuitable candidates, quickly and efficiently, without the need for face to face or even video, interviews.

GuardPass video introductions allow you to create an enlightened and accurate shortlist of candidates, the majority of which you will now already know, would be a good fit for the role or roles you have available.

#2 Reduce recruitment expenses.

Yet again, I will draw from personal experience, but most HR and operations managers will have felt my pain. My security company had obtained a decent contract but a log way from any of our regional offices. I had telephone interviews with all of those that applied for the role via one of the old online jobs boards, and I shortlisted 18.

I rented a day office in a one of those big chain workspace providers. Drove from Kent to Birmingham the night before and stayed in a local travel lodge so I could get an early start.

I arrived at the little office and was presented with keys, and set up my laptop ready for business at 07.50hrs.

At 18.30hrs, I slammed my laptop shut, dumped the office keys at reception and made my long way home, fuming.

Despite double checking the arrangements I had made, confirming that dates times and venue was all correctly provided, out of the 18 candidates I had called in for interview, just 1 bothered to show up.

This debacle cost £100 for the office space, £60 on the hotel room, about £60 in petrol and roughly £200 in lost productivity for my wasted time. £420 is a huge outlay for absolutely zero return.

Never ever again!

But now I don’t have to. I’m pretty sure that using the GuardPass video intro system to filter candidates before I arranged any interviews, would have led to a far more successful outcome.


It may have taken the security industry a while to catch up with what the dating sector has been doing successfully for years, but GuardPass candidate video intros are an absolute win win for security company recruiters. They save a huge amount of time and money, and assist an employer in finding the perfect people for the roles they need filling. Gone is the need to arrange dozens of interviews, or organise soul destroying “recruitment open days”.

Quite simply, video intros give you 80% of the information you need to make a successful employment decision, and allow you to simply interview the best of the best of the candidates you shortlisted, in next to no time, from the comfort of your own desk. GuardPass and your recruitment process…….. a match made in heaven.

Rollo Davies.


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