The Changing Landscape of UK Physical Security in 2024

The security industry is going to generate a staggering 1.01 bn GBP in 2024

The security industry is going to generate a staggering 1.01 bn GBP in 2024. 

Have you heard about the seismic shift in the UK’s physical security landscape? We’re talking about a booming £1.01 billion industry in 2024, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. According to our pals at Statista, we’re looking at a hefty £1.56 billion by 2028. Impressive, right?

The evolving world of security

Now, let’s delve into the fascinating transformation. Gone are the days of just relying on traditional security measures. Today, it’s a sophisticated combo of tech and strategy. The workforce has surged, with an additional 16,000 joining the ranks from 2021 to 2022 alone!

In the past decade the security industry evolved, faced many challenges and grew rapidly in workforce as well as revenue. 

Statista report says:

“The number of people employed in security occupations increased by roughly 16,000 between 2021 and 2022, and approximately 10,200 security and investigation activities enterprises were registered in the United Kingdom in 2022.”  

But what exactly has changed? 

Physical and Cyber security convergence

Ask yourself, where physical and cybersecurity are merging? For professionals using these systems, it’s getting trickier to tell them apart. Why? Because the security tools we use are becoming smarter, knitting together old-school security with our digital networks. Ever thought about how you want your security to be all-encompassing? That’s what’s happening – a one-stop shop for guarding against both digital break-ins and physical intrusions.

Adding more gadgets to the mix – doesn’t it just open up more ways for the baddies to get in? It’s a bit like adding more doors to your house. And when these tools chat with more databases and do their number-crunching magic, the stakes get higher. The info they hold? More valuable than ever.

 So, it’s not just about having more tools; it’s about being smarter in how we use them.

Technological advancements

Tech talk. You are probably seeing how AI is a necessity and reality in surveillance now? Automated tasks like object detection, anomaly detection, and facial recognition free up human security personnel for other tasks and improve the overall accuracy of surveillance.

Heard about Generative AI and ChatGPT in 2023? This tech’s a game-changer in video analytics, reshaping how we handle surveillance in 2024. Think beyond just keeping an eye out for trouble. How about boosting how businesses run or getting smarter insights? That’s where this trend’s heading.

Servillance camera

Or how data analytics is revolutionising threat assessment and management. Like a detective, data analytics uncover hidden clues and give us a heads-up about what dangers might lurk around the corner. 

It’s here, it’s not the future now, it’s the present. And it’s making our security measures smarter and more easy.

Power of body worn camera

Body-worn cameras are changing the game in security. In the past 5 years, they’ve gone from just recording videos to being key evidence collectors. Did you know these cameras are now goldmines of data?

Picture this: It’s 2024, and a security company is swamped with videos. How do they make sense of it all? That’s where the real value of these cameras kicks in. They’re gathering heaps of info – from where and when things happen, to who’s involved.

Think about it – all this data, like officer details, timestamps, locations, it’s a treasure trove for making connections and solving puzzles. And the way we manage this mountain of metadata? That’s going to be key. It’s about unlocking the stories it tells. Cool, right?

Changing threats and responses

With new tech, come new challenges. Threats we are going to face in 2024 aren’t the ones we prepared for a decade ago. Security breaches, drone intrusions, weaponised drones, deep fakes, insider threats the list goes on. 

We rely more on digital stuff now, data centres become big targets. Better ways to control who gets in is important. Make sure to have backups of your data, and keep an eye on the boundaries of these places.

Drones are everywhere now, and that’s a new problem for keeping areas secure. We’re going to see more tech to stop drones, like systems that can jam their signals or spot them before they become a problem.

Industry’s response? Equally dynamic. Have you seen the latest integrated security systems? They’re not just reacting to threats; they’re predicting them by using AI and Machine learning.

Shifting Social Landscape

Privacy concerns. We need to find the right balance between keeping people safe and respecting their privacy. Be open about how technologies are used and make sure they’re ethical. It’s really important.

Rise of remote work. Now, it’s not just about protecting offices but also home workspaces. This shift means we have to think differently about keeping these new work environments safe.

solar-powered camera

Things like solar-powered cameras and energy-efficient sensors are becoming more popular. People are looking for ways to stay secure while also being kind to the planet.

Role of human elements in security

Role of human elements in security

Between all this tech talk, let’s not forget the human factor. Do you feel your role in security has evolved? It’s no longer just about vigilance. You are part of a bigger picture now. 

From smart cameras to data analysis tools, continuous learning and adapting are the new norms for security personnel. A constantly evolving career path.

GuardPass: A Step Towards Future-Ready Security

GuardPass: A Step Towards Future-Ready Security

Enter GuardPass. We embody everything we’ve talked about – modern, efficient, and ahead of the curve. GuardPass is a companion in adapting to this ever-changing landscape. From real-time data handling to efficient personnel management, it’s like having a crystal ball and a Swiss Army knife, all rolled into one.

So, here’s a thought. Gear up. It’s time. GuardPass gives you access to a fully aligned with the latest curve of the security industry’s talent pool of 150,000 security professionals.

The landscape of UK physical security in 2024 is dynamic, challenging, but most importantly, promising. With tools like GuardPass, the future is exciting. Lead the way in a new era with GuardPass latest features and support. 

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