The Role of Private Security at National Events: Lessons from HRH King Charles III’s Coronation

Private security at national events.  National events really put private security in the spotlight, and you can’t find a clearer example than at King Charles III’s Coronation.  Picture this: 11,500 security pros on duty, just for one event! The security bill? A whopping £150 million, give or take. A masterclass in planning and pulling off…

Explore key insights on private security's role at national events, exemplified by King Charles III's Coronation. Practical lessons, strategies, and GuardPass's role in ensuring event safety and success.

Private security at national events

National events really put private security in the spotlight, and you can’t find a clearer example than at King Charles III’s Coronation

Picture this: 11,500 security pros on duty, just for one event! The security bill? A whopping £150 million, give or take. A masterclass in planning and pulling off top-notch security. The collision of the high stakes security world and royal glamour. 

Explore this journey where security and royalty meet. And, if you need top security pros, stay tuned for tips on using GuardPass to hire the best.

Private Security’s key roles at the Coronation

Venue security

Venue security

Imagine a door supervisor standing at the gates of this ancient historical site, making sure only the right people entered. 

How did they do it? 

How did they navigate the crowds, knowing who posed a threat and who was a guest, all while maintaining a peaceful atmosphere?

They were like finely-tuned security systems, keeping an eye on thousands of excited spectators, ensuring they were all there for the right reasons. It’s not easy to stay vigilant, scanning every face in the crowd without causing alarm or spoiling the celebratory mood. That’s where private security professionals stepped in.

Buckingham Palace

They patrolled every nook and cranny of Westminster Abbey, responsible for every corner of this monumental place. Their mission was crystal clear: to make everyone feel safe and ensure they could fully enjoy the day. It might sound simple, but when you’re in charge of event security at a royal coronation, it’s far from it. Balancing vigilance and discretion was like walking a high wire, and on that day, private security did it with grace and professionalism.

More than just bodyguards


Security officers walking alongside VIPs? They weren’t just there for show. Imagine the pressure on private security, tasked with ensuring the safety of key figures, from foreign dignitaries to the royal family.

How do they do it? It’s more than being big and intimidating. A sharp observation, quick thinking, and a lot of planning. Notice how they scan the crowd? They assess risks, always a step ahead. Communication is key. They’re in constant touch, synchronised like a well-rehearsed dance.

Private security officers master the subtle art of blending in. Their presence is felt but not imposing, a delicate balance. It’s a skill, honed through rigorous training and years of experience.

Additional support

Who manages traffic to ensure no bottlenecks disrupt the ceremony? Who handles the equipment that makes events run smoothly? Private security teams are the unsung heroes.

Private event security keeps everything on track. Traffic control requires impeccable timing and coordination. Handling equipment involves knowing what goes where, when, and how – all while keeping a vigilant eye out for trouble.

But here’s the real deal – being ready for emergencies. Private security professionals react swiftly and efficiently, often the first line of defence.

These roles might not grab headlines, but they’re crucial cogs in the wheel. 

Next time you’re at a big event, remember the silent guardians in the background. They’re the ones who truly keep the show on the road.

Lessons learned from the Coronation

The power of teamwork

Let’s take a look at the Coronation of King Charles III. Picture a massive event where everything needs to run smoothly. And it did, thanks to an amazing team effort.

Think about it—private event security and a substantial force of around 10,000 military personnel all working together. It’s like assembling a puzzle where everyone shares resources, information, and communicates seamlessly. 

In addition to the 9,000 non-specialist police officers on duty, there were an additional 2,500 officers specialising in areas like close protection, firearms, and search, making sure everything ran smoothly.

This event was a perfect example of how collaboration can make magic happen. So, why don’t we see this kind of teamwork more often?

Leave no stone unturned

What makes HRH King Charles III’s Coronation truly magical? Meticulous planning. Imagine orchestrating a massive crowd, safeguarding VIPs, and smoothly handling unforeseen challenges—not luck, but thorough preparation.

So, what does this preparation entail? It’s about comprehensively understanding potential threats. Are protests a concern? Could overcrowding happen? Every scenario demands a well-crafted plan, akin to a chess game where you’ve anticipated moves in advance, ready for any situation.

The key takeaway: Every event, regardless of size, commences with a solid plan. Somewhere, someone is brainstorming ways to organise and execute the event, aligning with the client’s desires and expectations. This planning process factors in elements such as the event’s theme, venue, budget, and security.

Importance of training and expertise

Group Photo of security officers

The real secret behind the success of HRH King Charles III’s coronation? It all comes down to one thing: training and expertise. Those security pros were seasoned experts with loads of training and experience.

When everything seems to be going awry, there’s someone who remains poised and in control. That’s a seasoned security expert who has faced countless challenges and underwent rigorous training, accumulated real-world expertise, and finely tuned their skills over time.

The key lesson here is that in high-pressure scenarios, private security professionals do not merely follow a script. They possess the ability to think on their feet, make swift and smart decisions, and adeptly navigate unexpected situations. This level of expertise is what truly sets them apart.


The coronation was a learning experience. For future events, the playbook has evolved. Collaboration, comprehensive planning, and high professional standards are necessities now. Private security isn’t just about muscle; it’s about brains, strategy, and adaptability.

King Charles III’s coronation was a masterclass in private security at national events. From venue security to dignitary protection, and tackling challenges like balancing security with public access, there’s much to learn.

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