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Home Employers The Roundtable you need to attend as a Security Employer
The Roundtable you need to attend as a Security Employer

The Roundtable you need to attend as a Security Employer


As a security employer or leader, you stand at the vanguard of safety and innovation.

On January 25th, GuardPass is rolling out the red carpet for you—an exclusive roundtable where the shaping of security’s future is not just discussed, it’s designed. If you’re determined to be on the cutting edge of industry trends and insights, this is where your journey begins.

If you stay static it means falling behind in the security industry. The GuardPass Security Experts Roundtable is where forward-thinking converges, offering a platform for listening, engaging and influencing. As a security employer, your participation is vital. 

Meet the Masterminds of Security

Meet the Masterminds of Security

Our panel is not just impressive—it’s a powerhouse of expertise. Mike Hurst, with his pivotal Security Minds Matter initiative, brings mental health to the forefront of our discussions. Then there’s Emily Wright, championing diversity and excellence in security leadership. Simon Rogers, a sage in safety training, alongside Ellie Hurst, an award-winning communicator, add layers of depth to our discourse.

Figen Murray, creator of Martyn’s Law, brings a personal and poignant perspective on security, while Nikki Hamill translates field knowledge into actionable strategies. And let’s not forget Spike Turner, who embodies the innovative spirit of GuardPass, ready to discuss how the latest trends can be leveraged to the fullest.

Delve into Crucial Discussions

Now, let’s talk about content. We’ve meticulously curated sessions that hit the heart of today’s security landscape:

🚀 Empowering Diversity: Dive into how inclusivity is not just right but smart for a safer industry.

🧠 Mental Health Prioritisation: Explore strategies to bolster resilience within your ranks.

☑️ Recruitment Reimagined: Get ahead with insights on navigating the complex terrain of security hiring.

⚖️ Martyn’s Law: Engage with a discourse on regulations that are redefining security protocols.

The insights gained here can give you an edge over your competitors. Each of these elements doesn’t just stand alone; they intertwine. Influence security operations and decision-making. 

We give you a golden opportunity to gain a comprehensive understanding. Empower yourself with strategies to address these interconnected challenges. 

Your Next Move

This is more than just another webinar—it’s a strategic convergence for leaders like you. As seats fill up, make sure yours is secured. 

Register now, and prepare to engage with a community as dedicated to progress as you are. Join us, and let’s shape the future of security together.


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