Understanding the UK’s Unique Security Challenges: Insights from the G4S Report

42% of Chief security officers reported concerns about potential threats from violent criminals

42% of Chief security officers reported concerns about potential threats from violent criminals

Security threats seemingly increasing every day. G4S dropped a report, the ‘World Security Report’. The study involved 1,775 Chief Security Officers (CSOs) from 30 countries, representing large global companies with a combined revenue exceeding £15.88 tn. Violent crimes? It looks like the UK is dealing with a bigger surge in violent crime against businesses than most of our European neighbours. 

Let’s take a closer look and see what this actually means for you and your business.

The rising threat to UK Security

Picture this: 87% of Chief Security Officers in the UK think there’s going to be a surge in physical security threats over the next year. 

What does this mean for them? Employer safety? Top of the list. In fact, nearly half of these security chiefs – 48% to be precise – say this concern is a major reason they’re upping their security budget. This percentage exceeded the global average of 40%, and no other European country gave duty of care such high importance.

Talk about loss, UK businesses faced a 33% hit to their revenue last year due to security incidents – that’s more than the rest of Europe average 28% and the world! 40% are planning to increase their security budgets big time, focusing on ramping up physical security in the next 12 months. Talk about taking action!

Fiona Walters, Regional CEO of G4S UK and Ireland said, 

Increasing threats such as workplace violence and physical security threats mean that security is more important than ever. In all markets safety and security are foundations necessary for economic growth. The increased threat environment in the UK potentially impacts investment (inward and domestic) as well as the ability to attract employees and customers.

Ask yourself, is your company keeping up with this trend?

Economic unrest

46% CSOs think economic criminals will cause the most trouble, up from 40% last year. 

Economic unrest also tops the chart as Europe’s biggest security challenge in 2024. So, what’s the scoop in Europe? Out of 447 CSOs from 8 countries, 42% are betting on economic unrest as the main threat, up by 9% from last year. The Netherlands seems most on edge, with 49% bracing for impact, followed by Belgium (48%) and Germany (44%). But Estonia’s a bit more chill, with only 31% worried about it.

Stephane Verdoy, Regional CEO of G4S Europe, said, 

“More than ever before, security leaders will face multiple risks and threats that are caused by geopolitical tensions and economic pressures. With every Chief Security Officer’s top priority being the safety and security of their employees, customers, data and assets, it’s encouraging to see that 4 in 10 anticipate their security budgets will significantly increase.”

Ashley Almanza, executive chairman of G4S, Allied Universal’s international business said, 

“Global businesses are facing increased security threats; a tight labour market globally; and rapidly changing technology that presents new risks and requires different skills. In addition, executive boards are grappling with balancing physical and cybersecurity alongside other priorities. The World Security Report helps our entire industry and the wider business community better understand and operate in the challenging, global and fast-moving security landscape.”

Guide to safer UK workplaces

Security employer

So, what’s the solution?Facing up to the rise in workplace violence and security needs? Here’s game plan:

Enhanced Security: Get the right gear and the right people. Think solid surveillance, updated security tricks, and hiring pros from places like GuardPass. We know the score when it comes to hiring security.

Train your team: Don’t just leave it to the guards. Your staff need to be clued up too – spotting dangers, knowing what to do when things get hairy.

Security Budget: More security companies are realising they’ve got to put more money into keeping safe. Invest in the best defence you can get.

Build a safety-first culture: Make safety a big deal at work. Keep everyone in the loop about staying safe and make sure they feel comfortable speaking up.

Work with the Experts: Keeping in touch with the local law authorities gives you the edge. They’ve got the lowdown on keeping things tight and secure.

Step up, get everyone involved, and not compromise on safety. It’s good for your business, good for your people, and great for making the UK a top spot for business and living.



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