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GuardFlex connects you with top-tier, licensed security professionals tailored to meet the specific needs of your industry. Experience seamless, reliable protection and gain access to a reliable on-demand workforce.

Comprehensive background checks ensure highly trustworthy and experienced officers.

Flexible hiring solutions that adapt to your unique requirements and schedules.

Industries-specific expertise for hospitals, schools, hotels, retail, events, and more.

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What makes us different?

A New Era of Security Staffing

GuardFlex revolutionises how businesses hire security personnel. With an extensive network of licensed, vetted security officers, we offer a reliable staffing solution that caters to a multitude of industries. Whether you need last-minute holiday cover or specialised security for your establishment, our platform seamlessly connects you with professionals ready to protect your interests.

Transparent Costs

Transparent costs, clear quotes. Get an instant breakdown of our licensed security guards. No hidden fees, just the security you need.

Reliable Services

Experience reliable security. Highly trained, licensed guards. 24/7 peace of mind. 

Real-Time Tracking View

Stay informed, stay in control. Our real-time tracking system allows you to monitor your licensed security guard's activity and location.

Enhanced Training

Enhanced training. Superior security. Guards handle complex threats, keeping your business safe. 

No subcontracting

Your security, our focus. No subcontractors. Direct guards, total peace of mind. 

Tailored Security Solution

No cookie-cutter security. Tailored plans for your industry & business. Expert guards, customised protection.

1000’s of fully licensed and trained professionals ready to work.